Jan 13, 2009

I heart shoes

I seriously love shoes...just not for myself anymore. I still have quite a collection from before motherhood when I took the time to care what was on my feet. But these days I buy a $12 pair of shoes and wear them until they are totally disgusting.

However, little shoes are so cute, who can resist. Granted, there are far less options for boys then there are for girls. But when you add in the fact that your looking for shoes to fit feet that look more like pillows than feet, the options get even slimmer. But at least for now, I've got little man set with two pairs of cute shoes that I'm thrilled with.
The first is a pair of soft soled shoes from One Stop Boy Shop.

One Stop Boy Shop

I think they're adorable and they actually stay on. And get this, they don't even leave those painful looking marks that my Pillsbury Doughboy gets from his socks etc. When I first put them on he gave me that look, you know the one, that says "really, Mom? you want me to wear these?" But after a minute he seemed to forget they were there and will keep them on all day, even when he sleeps. They aren't as slip resistant as say a rubber soled shoe but they are less slippery than socks, which is good because he's finally starting to pull himself up on stuff. I really love these and may just have to get another design to have as well.

Then we have a great pair of traditional soled shoes from Stride Rite. I've got to be honest. With my older boys I choked at the idea of paying SR prices for shoes when they grow out of them so quickly. But I've come to realization (or re-realization) that you get what you pay for. And let me tell you I'm not getting much out of the 'cheap' shoes I've been buying. I have literally bought Johnny 3 pairs of shoes since September. Not because he's grown out of them but because something rips, tears or just generally falls apart leaving him with some extra ventilation!

But back to these toddler shoes. I think they're cute. And they are really put together well. They are a better fit than the other shoes we've bought for him and while he's still not exactly graceful in hard soled shoes, he does much better at maneuvering in these. Now if only I could find a 2T pant that came in wide or extra wide for him so his pants weren't 6 inches too long, we'd be all set.
But we'll definitely be heading out soon to get Johnny some of his own Stride Rite shoes.


  1. I'm with you on wearing my own shoes until they split apart..lol. We'd never do that to our kids, would we? Of course, they grow so fast we don't get the chance.

  2. i love stride rite. i too have noticed that the quality is mucho better!! and i LOVE it when it is buy one get one at half off!! lol. i can't resist a good deal.

  3. I love shoes too. I have way to many. I just absolutely love buying shoes for my four year old girl. So fun. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my place.

  4. i have a shoe obsession too. My girls have 5 laundry baskets full of shoes...Stuntman has one, but that is alot for a boy. We buy stride rite too. Thank God they are making cuter styles now for his cubby feet.

  5. wow, im glad to see manyyyy more women than i thought had shoe obsessions lol! i, myself have a shoe obsession, let it be nice tennis shoes, or 10 pairs of flip flops...you name it, i have it, even tho i dont switch my shoes THAT often lol. i have literally about 35 pairs of shoes..well not just SHOES, but let's just say 'things to put on my feet' lol. and that obsession has 'matured' with me and buying my nieces' shoes too lol! they have WAYYY too many shoes, but im happy to say that I usually buy them when they're on sale at least lol! xoxo Megan


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