Jan 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama's still sleeping (ok maybe taking care of her 4 kids), but I'm posting anyway and will link there when it's up.

So join me for all the things I did NOT do this week. And then share what you did NOT do this week. You'll feel great when you done, I promise.

This week I did NOT scream at my children, ever, not once because I am not that crazy screaming lady. And therefor I did NOT scream while my window was down at the school at then get embarrassed about it. This could not have happened because my window is NOT broken AND I do NOT scream.

I NOT purchase dinner at 3:30pm yesterday. That's crazy, I'm not 60 yet, therefore I do NOT eat dinner before 4pm.

I did NOT spend anytime playing a game called Mob Wars. I would never play a game that involves pretending to rob stores, car jack people or deal drugs. That's immoral, NOT entertaining at all. And I would never do such a thing with my niece on top of it!

I did NOT get my husband addicted to facebook. And I certainly did not write to him on it while he sat in the same room!!

I did NOT spend any time scouring the Internet for the perfect shirts for us to wear for family photos. I did NOT do this because I am NOT that obsessive, I do NOT purchase special clothes for every photo shoot! And I certainly have not waited to plan this photo shoot that was requested for a birthday present, for a birthday that is just 9 days away. I wouldn't do that because I am NOT a procrastinator.
(BTW, I would never ask if anyone knows where I could find inexpensive brightly colored sweaters in sizes for our whole family???)

I did NOT stay up past midnight watching shows like Rock of Love Bus, Confessions of a Teen Idol or Toll Academy. That would be totally lame and foolish. I always get enough sleep and NEVER watch crap like that.

And I have NOT become convinced that my mail person is stealing from me. No I am NOT a totally paranoid person like that. But I am wondering where some packages are...


  1. OMG I am CRACKIN' UP! I love it!

    I introduced my husband to facebook, and now he won't GET OFF THE COMPUTER! GRRR!

    Happy Not Me Monday!

  2. Love these! I would never watch anything so ridiculous as Rock of Love either. ;)

  3. LOL... I totally agree on the first one! and I do not watch rock of love but I do watch some stupid shows that I will not mention! haha

  4. Too funny about your mail person...I am missing a package too. LOL Maybe we have the same one.

  5. I am NOT that mom that screams at her kids either! Nope not me..that would just be insane to scream at kids! Also, I don't stay up late to watch Rock of Love bus..that would be irresponsible of me because I don't need my sleep! Love your NOT ME's! Have a good week!

  6. oh I forgot to record the Teen Idol show...I will have to go see when it comes on again!
    Also, maybe Old Navy has some cute sweaters and maybe they are on sale?!

    I was not the crazy lady yelling at her kid this morning and driving like a mad woman through the neighborhood when a lady walking her dog stopped and looked like she was fearing for her life...not me!

  7. Great not me list... Love your blog layout.

  8. Great Not Me Monday post. You had me laughing out loud.

  9. Too funny! I can NOT relate, especially to the crazy screaming mama or staying up too late for no good reason.
    Great list!

  10. I did NOT sleep in both Saturday and Sunday and still want time to myself later. I did NOT put on make up after noon just to go to the store...I'm not that self-obsessed. Really. Not me. And I did not avoid numerous duties and tasks while tweeting on tweetdeck. That HAD to be someone else.


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