Jan 19, 2009

Not Me Monday 1-19-09

It's that time again...time to list all the things I did NOT do this week.

This week I did NOT continue to obsess about what we could wear for family photos. I did NOT end up buy us all making GAP sweatshirts. And I do NOT still have to call and make an appointment to have the photos done.

I did NOT spend a single moment playing a game that involves Mob activity. Not me, I don't do stuff like that. And if I did, I certainly would not be getting myself put on the 'hitlist' because I punched a guy in the face. LOL

I have NEVER posted a note on facebook to my husband who was NOT sitting a foot away from me! That's just too silly.
I at no point this week attempted to sneak a few pieces of chocolate to eat in bed. But if I had I certainly did not wake up a sleeping baby by opening said, no existent chocolate and then stash the remaining pieces in the headboard of my bed as having him wake up completely at midnight was not worth some chocolate.
And I certainly did NOT completely forget about the chocolate in the headboard, how could I it wasn't even there, until I came home Friday to be told that my dear baby had a wonderful nap time. He discovered the nonexistent chocolate and had a party...I did NOT have chocolate all over my pillow and sheets! No that would be a totally irresponsible thing.
BUT, had that happened, I would NOT have questioned why my husband didn't think to take a photo of the little man and his happy chocolate stash!

I did NOT buy the camera I've been drooling over for a couple months. I did NOT then wonder if I did so just a week too early after seeing that Circuit City is going out of business.

I am NOT in love with this camera. I mean how could I be, I didn't buy it so I haven't been able to do a shoot with it and see how amazing it it.

I did NOT post a photo from said session on my blog, in some subconscious attempt to earn some affirmation of something. And I did NOT love and appreciate every kind comment about that photo!

I did NOT just get a lucky lucky reminder that my oldest doesn't have school today. I couldn't have, because that would mean that I had actually forgotten!!! That means the boy has had a 5 day weekend!! Lucky dog.

I did NOT stay up until after 12:30am to write this post. Nope, I didn't. I said I was going to bed at 11. And I'm always responsible and get plenty of sleep.

I did NOT go a tad over board buying girl stuff for my friend's baby shower. I always maintain the utmost control when shopping.
I did NOT Oooo and Aaaa and drool over all the pink and purple stuff that she got for her shower. And I certainly did NOT spend even and millisecond considering....just...one...more...try...for a girl! No, that would be pure insanity! I will simply be content to enjoy spoiling other's baby girls.

I did NOT leave my little man on my bed again after he fell out the bed for the second consecutive night. I would NOT be able to do that, because my almost one year old does NOT still sleep with me. And I certainly do NOT love it, aside from the rude awakenings some mornings.

I do NOT love the my baby is a total Momma's boy. This does NOT ever make me feel guilty or add stress to me leaving.

So what didn't you do this week...?


  1. Your picture of the girl was beautiful and I just found out the Circuit City was going out of business too. I am so going there sometime today.

  2. I never IM Rob when he's just upstairs. Ever.

  3. Great list! The one about the chocolate is so NOT relatable. Too bad there wasn't a photo snapped on the camera you didn't buy!

  4. Way for the new camera!!! Love that B is such a mommy's boy. Gotta love it!

  5. I also drool over pink and purple. :o) Great Not Me's!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting. Feel free to visit again, anytime!


  6. Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my blog!
    Love your chocolate story!

  7. That's a week's worth? Oh man, your house is fun! :) except for the chocolate...not so much fun there

  8. Ahh..staying up late to blog, I NEVER do that. Nope, NOT ME!

    Girls do rock, if I say so myself!

    Love what you DID NOT do this week!



  9. My husband and I poke each other on Facebook. Literally pass the laptop back and forth to accomplish the goal of being the last. I think its a more common activity than one would think. Even if it is a bit juvenile. By juvenile I mean FUN!


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