Jan 19, 2009

My baby

In just 10 days my baby will be one.  I hope to do some official photos this weekend.  But I was playing this evening and got some photos to share.  I think I need to get his hair cut before I do real photos, what do you think? 

Extreme close up!
It's not easy to get a great photo of him right now because he is obsessed with my camera.

His new trick.  I want to get one of his face through his legs but as soon as he sees the camera he's back after it.

His pudgy little hands and feet!!

Another close up...

He crawls around doing this all the time, he either blows or wiggles his tongue around being silly!

And some flashbacks...


  1. So cute! I love all the pics....he looks like such a happy baby.

  2. I've said it before....I want to squish him. In a good way, of course. I LOVE that second flashback pic!!

  3. Ack! I could eat him up! LOVE the last picture. He's gorgeous!!!

  4. He is so beautiful! I LOVE the first and last picture especially.

  5. He is adorable. I love the fat little feet!

  6. That is one beautiful baby! I just love the first and last photos.

  7. His eyes in that last picture.....mesmerizing!


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