Jan 23, 2009

Oh the things kids say...

Last night I was talking about something sort gross...I can't remember what. I swear I don't remember! Oh wait, now I remember. In an attempt to make my pukey child feel better after he announced that he'd thrown up so hard that it came out of his nose, I shared that I once had a spaghetti noodle come out of my nose while throwing up. Johnny turns to me puts his hand up and says "Keep that to yourself! I don't want to hear anything about stuff like that." I cracked up!!!

So this morning when just the two of us were driving to the office we were listening to our fun new CD (a post about that to come soon) and out of no where the following question comes from the back of the van, "Do escalators always move?" Huh? I have no clue where this came from, but a discussion about escalators ensued.

escalator Pictures, Images and Photos

And then while he was "helping" me mop the office, he discovered that the mop was actually a sponge on a stick.  So he named it MopBob CirclePants (circle because the handle is round).

You know, kids are really weird and random. I have no clue where it comes from, I am never random OR weird! Oh stop laughing, I'm not!

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  1. LOL!! I love the stuff kids come up with.

  2. They do say the cutest things and out of the blue strange things just flow from their mouths. Their little minds must be so full of things.

  3. My son is pretty random, but so am I, so he comes by it naturally. I love it though- you never know what is going to come out of his mouth.

  4. I love the things that kids say and some of the things they come up with!

  5. I love how their minds work. Keeping that in mind, my mind works a lot like that, too, but if I just went ahead and blurted it out, well, you know... :)

  6. So true!
    Kids say the darnest things! It crackers me up really. Though, somehow it keeps the laughter going in my house. I just wish, I could remember some of the stuff they say!

  7. Don't you just love them? They come up with the craziest things sometimes...I guess it helps keeps us on our toes.

  8. Ah yes the joy of kids. I just love the things they say. Mone do it all the time. I was going to blog this, but instead I am just going to do a guest post if you will right here in your comments.

    Today while changing my sons diaper, my daughter asks me a question. The answer was no, but instead of saying no I said "negatory" she knows what it means but since she said nothing I asked anyway. "what does that mean taylor?" and for those who dont know she just turned 6. She says "it means no daddy" So being the smart a$$ I am at times just messing with my kids, I say "you know what pository means?"
    And before I could realize what I said she says " ya, thats the stuff Nana has to put in Popas bottom!"

    That is MONEY!!! I swear we should get our kids together, put them on a stage, and charge an admission. Lisa I swear we would be rich!!!


  9. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at the things my kids say. They're crazy and I don't know WHERE they get it!


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