Jan 23, 2009

Why Oh Why?

Yeah, I KNOW, my life could be a lot worse, so I shouldn't complain...but then, well, you'd have nothing to read! So last night I picked Timmy up from school where he proceeded to run like his pants were on fire to the car, nothing unusual there. He chugged a glass of Sunny D when got home and started on homework. He did OK for awhile and then started complaining his stomach hurt. I, being the super empathetic and compassionate mom that I am, assumed he was trying to get out of homework so I just kept him pluggin away. Then, he got that look in his eyes and made that noise that for some reason only a mom can either here. He was going to blow!! Yeah a week to the day of Johnny having the pukies Timmy starts. But then after he was done he went back to being his normal...maniacish self. So I chalked it up to having drank the Sunny D too quickly or something. And let him have a Fruit Roll-Up and then dinner. He seemed fine until he had another cup of Sunny D shortly before bed. But then he quickly recovered again. Hmmm maybe its the Sunny D and not the speed at which he drank the first cup. So we went him to bed. This morning when I poked my head in to wait them up Timmy popped up looking bright eyed. But when my husband went back in to get them moving he was complaining his stomach hurt. OK, maybe he IS really sick!? Then he got sick again. Yeah, OK ,I gotcha now. But for some reason we still attempted to pack everyone up to drop me off at work so that they could have the car to take Johnny to Speech Therapy. We've always been fine in the past with sickies, but just in case I brought a bag for Timmy. Which he needed before we were even half way through the 15 trip. So we turned around and I dropped everyone but Johnny at home. Johnny is here with me at work today. He got to witness the ultra glamorous part of being the do it all office manager...you know the mopping the floor and cleaning the toilets! Then hopefully I can sneak out early enough to get him to ST because he's already miss a ridiculous amount. And then there's Timmy, I swear he's already missed more days in his first year than I did all of grade school. OK, maybe not because I did have a really nasty bout with salmonella but you get the drift.

I swear nothing is ever easy around here!

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  1. First off I would say that your boys love Sunny D :) Isn't it yummy!!

    Oh my sickly in the car..there's nothing worse than that! Hope he's feeling better and this is a quick bug!!

  2. I feel your pain! I woke this morning feeling nasty, pukey but am much better now! I have somehow managed to keep up with the baby and book a wedding for my photography business between trips to, well, you know! LOL.


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