Jan 21, 2009

Truer words...

Truer words have never been spoken....

I know it's a hard concept to grab in a society when half (or more) of all marriage's fail.  But love never fails.  But love also isn't that feeling when you first 'fall' for someone where you get butterflies and all you can think of is that special person.  Love is many things but nowhere in these verses does it say love is giddiness and butterflies.  Marriage is not easy.  But what in life that's worth anything really is?  I really encourage everyone this year to take the upcoming valentine's Day as an opportunity to work on their marriage whether you have a great marriage or a failing one.  If you need to some help, while I haven't seen the movie personally Fireproof comes highly recommended and I do love the book Love Dare that's featured in the movie which comes out next week...just in time to have for Valentine's Day!!

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  1. you MUST see the movie. it is sooooo good. my husband and i have started doing the 'fireproof your marriage' study too. which is soooooooo good. i already pre ordered it from our family christian store and am so excited to share it with people.

  2. GREAT POST!! You have probably already seen the link to Fireproof on our site. We went with our church to see it when it first came out. The church baby sitted the kids which was nice. My wife and I have built our relationship around God since we first were brought together by him in 1997, however it has not been without its challenges. Like you said any marriage is work. God made us differntly for a reason. My wife and I were both very touched by the movie, and have since done a group study at our church by our pastor as well as a couples study together privately. I have never loved my wife more than i have thru these tools. I have feel feeling for her that I hadnt felt since we first started seeing eahc other. There is no value that can be put on what God will do in anyones relationship when it is built on Him.

    I had the fortune of meeting Ashley who you probably already know. She has a blog at Life in our 3 ring circus. She is a member of the church that produced both Fireproof and Facing the Giants. Both very touching films.



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