Jan 7, 2009

You know you're desperate when...

Ok so it's 2pm and I'm starving. I have one of those "I think I might die" headaches from the lack of food and caffeine. So I decide to check the fridge here at work...a bit of Coke left in a 2 liter bottle from months ago and a frozen pizza thing I bought without realizing when the package said it can be made in the microwave AND oven it meant you had to use both, not one of the other. Oh well, it's that or suffer so I figure I'll try to microwave it fully.
Oh how I wish I had a camera to capture the piece of gourmet...junk I have created. It's partly burnt, partly soggy but 100% not right. But sadly, I am sooo hungry I'm eating it anyway. If I don't post tomorrow check the obituaries under humiliating causes of death....died from her own "cooking."

So help me feel better, what embarrassing or disgusting thing have you done lately out of sheer desperation??


  1. Oh man...if ever a need for a fast food drive through, this was it!

    LOVE the new look!

  2. Great redesign & pics of your boys!

    As for disgusting things done out of desperation...oh, there are too many...I could be here all day! The most recent (but not most disgusting) was changing my youngest's nearly explosive poopy diaper in the vacuum aisle at Target.

  3. Just stopping by from Amanda's Proud Mommy of Four site to say how much I love your new design. She did you very proud!

    My only hope is that you are able recover from the culinary diaster that you experienced today and enjoy your site in the months to come!

    Good luck!


  4. LOL! Ya know I love the microwave, use mine all the time and I never get the food cooked just right. I am so domestically challenged that I usually ruin microwave food too. I realize this was a little different but I just want you to know that I too have eaten plenty of stuff that came out of the microwave and was 100% not right! LOL!

  5. Ick! But what can ya do when that is all there is?!

    Love your new blog design and the pics of the boys.

  6. That doesn't sound very appetizing at all!
    hmmmm.... how about when I licked my hand and used it to smooth down my son's staticy hair when we were in line to see Santa! :) That's something I'd swore I'd never do and I was desperate.. lol poor kid. :P

    Does that help at all? :)

  7. That is hilarious! Well, I have been so desparate for something along the caffeine line that I have actually gone out into my truck and drank something that had been left in there for many days- I said DESPARATE. after feeling better, I nearly threw up thinking about how disgusting that was and what a Feine I must be!

  8. I splurged today and must have needed extra caffine, because I bought two iced coffees today from two different places. Ugh. Don't tell my husband. I could have bought dinner with the money I spent. But I say that to say that I understand your need for caffine.

  9. thanks for stopping by my new blog! i really like the header amanda did for you-turned out cute with the three boys! amanda mentioned that someone might be interested in a bracelet-i'd be happy to make you one if you decide you'd like one-just let me know! chantae


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