Jan 7, 2009

Smarty Pants

First of all I have to admit to my major bad momma moment.  I totally forgot that Wednesday is early dismissal at my son's school.  I arrived at the school at 3pm and school got out at 2pm!  In my defense, I am not the one that usually picks him up from school AND I was off Monday and Tuesday so today did not feel like a Wednesday AND he's been off school for 2 weeks.  I canot begin to describe the feeling I had when I realized this GINORMOUS error.  
However, I also forgot that he started attending an after school club on Wednesday afternoons which goes from 2-3:15!  THANK YOU GOD!!!!  I still felt like a complete fool because this second realization did not come to me on its own but I actually went into the school in a total panic to be asked, "Doesn't he go to Good News Club? They get out at 3:15."  To which I sheepishly went back to my car to wait.

Then, when he came out he was being followed by his teacher.  This would be normal on any other day, as the Kindergarten teachers walk their classes with them and the students wait with them for a parent or whomever picks them up.  But today she continued to walk him all the way down the sidewalk to me.  My immediate thought was "Crap, what did he do?"  I know I'm such a good mom!  
But it turns out that she wanted to ask me if it was ok if Timmy started going to a First Grade class for reading.  She hadn't mentioned a word of this to us prior but I guess she's been talking to a few people within the school about how we would go about skipping him to First Grade for awhile.  That's not what's happening just yet but it's obviously what she has in mind.  This is not particularly shocking to me as I would have liked to have him in Kindergarten last year but was told that it's not wise to push a boy up a grade because of maturity.  But she said that back in November she tested his reading and he was at a Level E then.  The school likes to see kids going into First Grade at a Level D.  She said they are getting to the point where they will break up in small groups based on reading level and he'll be the only one in his group.  He is simply not being challenged right now and she doesn't have the time to give him to challenge him.   But for now, we will start slow and see how Timmy feels about it.  Tomorrow she will personally take him down to the First Grade class and introduce him to the teacher.  He will spend about an hour with the class.  His teacher told him that he can tell her if he doesn't like it or doesn't want to go and that will be fine.  But if all goes well the First Grade teacher is excited to have him for reading and possibly math, if not eventually the whole day.  
I talked to Timmy more about it on the way home and he's a little nervous but he's a worrier like his mom.  He likes the idea of doing something that won't be boring to him but I think he's worried about starting with a new group of kids and a teacher he doesn't know.  He LOVES his teacher! Like I said I am a little nervous myself, it's hard to see him apprehensive but I also know that his teacher has his absolute best interest at heart and is doing this the best way possible for him.  So we'll take it day by day and see how it goes.  If he's not up for it that's fine.  But I am beyond thrilled that they are giving him the chance to try.  I have known for a long time that he amazingly smart and it makes me so proud to even have had this conversation.  To think of how worried I was before school started because of his ADHD, to be at this point now is astonishing.  This may also end up being a factor in his moving up as he will be expected to sit still and focus for longer periods but as of right now his teacher doesn't think it will be an issue at all.

If any one has any helpful info on this type of situation I'd love to hear it.


  1. Lucky you- he had somewhere or something else to do after school! I have done that and had them trying to track me down and have the school nearly vacant with just my kiddos and one person waiting in the office with them- once again I forfeited my mother of the year award!

  2. I did the exact same thing once ixcept the school called me so I got there about 45 min after she had gotten out. But she was the only one there with barely three teachers left.

    That is such great news for Timmy. Of course he does have such a great biblical name. I bet he does really great in 1st grade and probably gets a little bored in there too. My money is on him being super bright when it comes to education. Our prayers will be with him and you during this transition.


    P.S. I'll trade buttons with you if you want. Just let me know.

  3. When Blake was in kindergarten I took him to school one day when there was NO kindergarten and then took off to work. Once they finally got ahold of me it took me 2 hours to find someone to take over for me so I could get down there and pick him up.

  4. What great news! I know you must be such a proud mama, even if you did forget to pick him up! :)

  5. I never forget, I am just always late. Yikes. I drop them off late too, so I am just making up for that. LOL
    You must be proud...of the good news too.


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