Feb 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Yeah I know, it's not exactly a unique topic today. I mean, I spent hours racking my brain to come up with it! :)

So in honor of Valentine's Day here's my list of things I love, in no particular order.

I love:
  • God.  His grace is the only reason I'm still hear today!!!!
  • my husband, even when he makes me crazy. I love him for loving me and for fighting for our marriage when it didn't look like there was anything left to fight for.
  • my kids who are my reason for getting out of bed when I don't always feel like doing so.  As much as they can make a momma wanna drink, they are some of the sweetest, smartest little men I've ever met.  (if they could just be a little quieter life would be golden)
  • my family. Families are complicated, at least mine is, and sometimes (or lots of times) they cause us heart ache but mine is amazing and I don't know what I'd do with out them, imperfections and all.  
  • my friends.  I often wish I had the kinds of friends I see every couple days but my real life friends aren't like that.  But when we DO get together, there's usually so much laughing that my stomach hurts.
  • my online friends.  I seriously don't think I can explain the bond you can have with someone you've never even met but shared so much with.  If you haven't experienced it, it sounds crazy, I KNOW, but it has been a wonderful blessing to me.
  • photography.  It's the best feeling in the world when you capture the perfect photo.
  • writing/blogging.  I feel in love with writing back in high school but haven't done much aside from newsletter type writing since then.  I started blogging as a scrapbook of sorts to share with our family afar.  But now its my favorite outlet and therapy.
  • shopping.  It's an addiction really I think.  When I can't afford to do it anywhere else I hit the dollar store where I don't do so much damage while feeding the need.
  • reality TV. Yes, I admit I watch it, the lowest  forms of it too.   The uglier and meaner the people are, the more I love it.  I think it's the whole, it makes me feel better about myself type thing.
  • days off work.  Yeah I think the work week should only be 3 days.  Who's with me.
  • sleeping in.  Which doesn't happen often enough at all.
  • playing at the park.  I swear I could be truly happy if I could live life doing nothing but taking my kids to places like the park, the zoo, museums etc.  There is no better day to me.  (after sleeping in of course)
  • singing really loud even though I'm not very good.  Even my older boys have figured out I can't really sing and will ask me to not sing during songs they really like.  But too bad for them, I usually sing all the time in the car and anywhere else where I don't think anyone will hear me that I didn't either marry or birth.
  • hugs and kisses. From the right people of course.  I get sad as my boys (Timmy especially) get to the age where PDA's aren't always allowed.  Thank goodness I have a few good years left with Bryan!!!
Now it's your turn...what do you truly love???

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  1. I am gonna have to say our lists are very similiar. Iced coffee would have to be on that list too.

  2. Great list of loves...I'm with you on most of them. And when you combine them...like being woken up to hugs and kisses after sleeping in on a day off and then heading to the park with your family...perfection!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. I hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

  4. That was really sweet, and perfect for the occasion. I would have a similiar list of family, hubs, and probably popcorn!


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