Feb 13, 2009

How do you chose?

I have no desire to be one of those crazed moms who over schedules her kids with activities, especially with 3 of them.  However, I do want to give them the chance to try things to find the things that the really enjoy.  

For two years Timmy has played T-Ball, I won't say he's a super star.  He has had difficulty staying focused on the game and putting the pieces to really do well.  But he has a decent arm and a pretty mean swing when he's paying attention.
Last year Johnny played T-Ball also.  He isn't quite as coordinated so he's no all star yet.  But he had fun and that's all I care about at this point.  
So they both want to play again.  

Timmy also wants to try football.  At this point they're both only old enough for flag football but they want to try it. It would over lap  a couple weeks of T-Ball practice which isn't too bad.

But Timmy also wants to learn to play musical instruments, a ton of them actually.  But I think it'd be best to start on piano and he seems to have a decent natural ability there.  But if he does T-Ball and flag football, we'd have a couple weeks of three activities.  I don't think I can handle that...

So here's the thing...how do we make a decision? I think we should go with piano and T-Ball.  Tom isn't thrilled with the idea of football (he's ok with flag but not sold on tackle) .  But Timmy really wants to do flag football this year and wait on the piano.

So, how would decide in your house?

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  1. ahhh... that is the question!

    I have 4 boys, ages 7-11... 3 of whom are very gifted athletically... and 1 (the oldest)who plays some sports just for fun (non competative leagues.)

    Right now we have 3 in basketball (the baby at 7 is too young)... Next week baseball begins.

    7 teams... 2 play on travel ball teams and school leagues.

    It's hard to balance... but I don't want my boys to resent not being able to do things because "it's too much, or we have too many boys".

    all 4 play guitar... 2 play piano.

    We spend a lot of time on our knees praying we get it right... sometimes we make adjustments. They know that we do what we can, when we can...

    the hardest thing is trying to figure out who gets daddy as the coach, as the assistant... or just mommy to watch.

    the older they get, the time commitments change (football is 6 days a week, basket ball is only 1)...

    I ask what other moms do... and then try and do whats best for each son individually. That changes from season to season...

    you'll know... when you're in the moment. You'll learn what works, and what doesn't.

    the best advise... give yourself a lot of grace! My boys... very forgiving of thier mama... cuz they know we're all a work in progress!

  2. Since we have 3 kids too, we let each one choose one activity at a time to do...so we have three activities going on at once, but it is still manageable. Because we used to do way too much and I got too stressed and we had no down time.

  3. well, i'd say let him play flag football and wait on the piano ONLY because he wont get a lot of chances to play flag football again....because it very soon goes to regular, tackle football, which some moms (like you sound to be) are iffy with the whole tackle football. and piano, while its easier to learn the younger you start him, he CAN learn it anytime, u know? so maybe let him do flag football then start piano when they tell him its time for tackle football? lol so that's my 2 cents for the day lol....its so hard to balance everything, im sure, so good luck! xoxo Megan

  4. I would just go with your choice and see how it goes. I have a stepdaughter whose mom puts her in 10 activities and she always having to be somewhere and her grades are suffering because of it. Its crazy, I tell ya!

  5. Aww, good luck with deciding. No advice since my kids are too young for that yet. I'm not a fan of tackle either so I'm siding with Tom on that one ;-)


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