Feb 11, 2009

It's what I do!

Well, a definite decision has still not been 'officially' made.  Yesterday my mom saw the Dr, they drew blood and her numbers were too low to have chemo. But her Dr. doesn't feel she should continue with the treatments she was getting.  He has referred her to an anesthesiologist to have a pain pack that will supply a continual flow of pain meds to help make her comfortable.  She will go back to see her Dr next Wednesday to see if he's come up with a last attempt treatment.  But it sounded like he was not expecting to.  If that is the case then he will call hospice and they will begin to see her at least 3 times a week.  
I'm not sure if it's the "right" response but for me, when I'm faced with adversity, I tend to pour myself into something.  And this time I've decided to return to an effort that I have fully enjoyed and gotten much out of in previous years, The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life.  If you aren't familiar with it, you really need to check it out.  If you know anyone who has fought cancer, I'd encourage you to find a local event and go this year.  Relay is an overnight event that usually begins around 6 pm with an opening ceremony.  That is followed by the Survivors lap which is an awesome, inspiring and typically tearful site.  Anyone in attendance who's had or has cancer is given a purple SURVIVOR t-shirt and asked to walk the first lap of the Relay.  It is sad to consider the quantity that are typically represented at our Relay, but it is inspiring to see so many of them happy and healthy.  The evening continues with constant laps around the track until usually about 6 am.  Throughout the night there are many activities and food to enjoy.  But for me the most moving part, by far, is the Luminaria Ceremony that takes place after dark.  During this time luminary bags are lit in honor of those who have fought cancer and remembering those who've lost the battle.  If you're not up for staying overnight, I would really encourage you to at least stay for this ceremony. I promise, if you do, you will be glad and most likely, you'll be back next year.

Our family has participated in 4 Relays and ours teams have raised over $30,000 all together. But we took last year off, at the request of my mom who was needing to rest as she was going through treatments.  But this year, I'm back in the fight for her!  I will not burn myself out trying to beat our previous fundraising efforts. But this year will instead focus on the experience.  Hopefully, being surrounded by friends and family to honor and remember our loved ones who've fought a great fight against cancer.
This years theme for our local Relay is "Fighting 4 a Cure" with a boxing theme.  So for our team name/theme I've selected Wii are fighting for a Cure.  

Like I said, maybe it's not the right way to deal with the latest developments, but it's my way!  If you'd like to support these efforts  you can give to ACS online at the link below.


  1. oh jeeze, not good news about aunt debbie at all :( :( :( i commend you for trying to be strong thru all of this and taking your energy and emotions and chanelling them into something positive! i'll keep praying. xoxo Megan

  2. Handle it however you can! Everything helps.

    Sending good thoughts your way...

  3. Continuing to pray for you and your family...hang in there.
    I participated in Relay for Life the first year after my grandparents died. At our Relay, the luminaries line the track. Everytime I passed their luminaries I felt more and more empowered to make a difference. What an amazing experience!

  4. I'm really sorry for the bad news...Continued prayers for you and your mom as you face this.

    I think that what you're doing is wonderful! Relay is a GREAT cause!

  5. Our prayers are still with your mother and your family.

    We have participated for the last years although I have never seen that ceremony. I have lost 4 family members to this aweful disease.

    Love and Prayers,


  6. We are looking into doing that in our area also. glad you have found something to focus your energy on. You're in my prayers!

  7. I am so sorry to hear that news. I think that doing the relay is an awesome thing. We have some friends that do it every year. What an awesome cause.

  8. I am so sorry. It is so great that you and your team has raised so much money and continue to do so.

  9. I hope that things turn around for your Mom. I pray that God will heal her...
    I participate in out local Relay Event every year. As a matter of fact, we had a meeting today. Relay is an awesome experience full of mixed emotions. I think you did a great job putting this experience in words...


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