Feb 12, 2009

What were they thinking?

Ok, I think of myself as a pretty business savvy person but sometimes, I really get stumped.  Two Sunday's ago we went to some families house where there are also little kids.  My typically clingy and jealous baby was mesmerized by what I think was the combination of all the other kids and and the cool new toys there.  The one thing that he seemed to especially love was this Weebles Treehouse.
Since my guilt over the lack luster birthday was still so fresh, I decided I wanted, rather NEEDED to get this for him.  So I immediately went online to find out how much it would cost.  And was shocked and saddened to find that it wasn't made anymore.  NONE of the great Weebles products are being made anymore.  Luckily, for me, I found it on ebay.  It's missing a couple pieces but it would probably have been missing them quickly in our house anyway. 
But I just have to wonder, what was Hasbro thinking.  I haven't seen him spend this much time playing with anything else ever.  I probably won't cry when the batteries die in it, but I don't think he will either because the one he originally played with didn't play the music either.   But aside from the noise, I love this thing and can't imagine why in the world Hasbro stopped making Weebles.  I guess the superhero junk they make is more profitable.  I know I've bought plenty myself but come on.  Getting rid of the classics!?!?!?



  1. I did not have any idea that the Weebles were not made anymore! My attic is PACKED with them! I actually have the tree house too! Ebay here I come! And you right - the classics are the best!

  2. Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down!! I'm nearly 36 years old and I can stil remember playing with my Weebles Tree House as a little girl. And I too LOVED that thing and LOVED all my Weeble people. Man, you've brought back some great memories. I'm going to Ebay right now to see if I can find ME one!!!

  3. Glad you were able to find it on Ebay. they do have everything.

  4. My oldest got a Weebles village set when she was 1, I think I better dig it out and see if the baby likes it!


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