Feb 1, 2009

The never ending saga

So I picked up the van, on Thursday and Friday it died once.  So I get to take it back AGAIN this week, whatever day its supposed to be really cold!  I can't even begin to describe the hassle this has been!  I am so done with having one vehicle, let alone trying to survive for days at a time with one compact vehicle for our family of 5, it doesn't work.  I think I'm going to tell them if I have to bring it back again, I'm also bringing my three kids and they can figure out how to get them to and from all the places they need to get to!

Ok enough about that, ok, for today at least.  How about something fun, a picture full of super cute kids: 
This is a fraction of the kids on my husbands side of the family!  It makes for one noisy chaotic afternoon, but tons of fun.  I can't believe how they all growing, sure wish they'd slow down.



  1. love it!
    Hate it that you are having van problems- still?? isn't that crazy?????? I hope it get fixed for good soon!

  2. OH that van...ugh! Been there, no fun at all. And wow to all those children. that is amazing how you got them all to sit still for that picture.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's a huge bunch! I love pictures like that.

  4. Wow...you guys have a clan on your hands!


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