Feb 2, 2009

Not Me! Monday 2-2-09

It's once again time for Not me! Monday. Where we're being brutally honest and living to tell about it. If you don't know what Not me! Monday is, go check it out with it's creator MckMama. And if you haven't tried this amazing therapeutic method of releasing the deepest darkest corners of your world...give it a try, I promise you'll be happy you did.

I did NOT suffer from any serious feelings of guilt this week. I wouldn't possibly because I'm entirely too perfect, organized and balanced for that. But if I did, it certainly wouldn't have had anything to do with how lame I felt our celebration of my youngest (and last) child's first birthday was.

I did NOT brag at all about my kids this week. I don't do that because I know every child is different and has different strengths and weaknesses and I would never want to make anyone feel bad. But if I DID, it certainly wasn't about my oldest and how fabu he's doing in school!! I mean really, it's not like his Kindergarten teacher through up her hands and said, "I don't know. He knows everything he should for the year, I got nothing." And that certainly doesn't make me want to smile! That couldn't possibly be my ADHD, maniac of son!

I did NOT go looking for a new purse because the handles of my purse are NOT fraying. And I really would never end up buying a super cute wallet instead when I could not find a style and color purse I liked. I would NEVER buy a hot pink wallet. Even if it did match an amazing accessory I've been dying to win from a giveaway and decide I'd simply have to buy one now since I had the wallet to match.

I did NOT log into my email to find that I'd won said amazing accessory!!! That is simply NOT how my luck works at all. And I promise there won't be any photos, or plugs for this must have item very soon!!

I did NOT spend several hours in the dealership again this week only to need to take it back again some time THIS week. No, I'm entirely to assertive and knowledgeable to ever have to deal with repeated car problems without resolution.

I did NOT have to be convinced that my new camera would in fact be ok in the car for the length of time we would be in church so that I could bring it the party we attended yesterday. I am definitely NOT overly cautious with my newest investment! :)

And I did NOT miss the opportunity for the best photo of the year when my little guy gave his littlest cousin kisses because I had my settings set for low light and then used my flash. And I certainly did NOT post my ridiculously overexposed photo anyway because "hello, its kissin' babies" how can you not love it even if its a technical mess.



  1. Great not me monday I thouught your not me's were very intresting.

    I was also wondering if you would like to take part in Tribute Tuesday. A blog I have created for people To pay tribute to some one who has inspierd you in some way. Or someone who has made your life better by knowing them. or a loved one, or maybe just a way of saying thankyou to someone. I have a mr linky so the world can see your tribute to that someone who brightens up your life. Please feel free to come take a look and participate in Tribute tuesday.

  2. Your post about NOT buying cute wallets and purses does NOT make me want to go shopping. I am NOT going to buy that cute scarf I saw in the local shop's window.

    I will NOT be depressed when I go there and realize all of the clothing in that little shop is made for skinny, young things that are 10 feet tall. I will NOT admit the scarf is about the only thing in the whole shop that would fit me :)

    Happy Monday!

  3. Oh you won something I cant wait to see!

  4. I'm paranoid about leaving my camera in the car too, lol!

  5. I freak out about leaving things like electronics out in the cold car. Sorry about your van...still.

  6. hope the van gets fixed asap. geesh. i never worry about things in a cold van either. nope.

  7. Great list! I'm sorry you are still having problems with the van. I hate having car trouble!
    Happy Not Me Monday!

  8. New camera?? I missed this somewhere.. :)
    I won't leave mine in the car either, in fact DH made that rule before I said anything about it! LOL


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