Feb 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday 2-16-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

But not until you check out what I did NOT do this week and leave me a comment about what you did NOT do this week.

I did NOT have hubby call the dealership yet again as my car staled twice Monday night. And I will NOT be taking it back...to the dealership...AGAIN...tonight.

I did NOT end up doing plan ole box Valentine's Day cards when my little man had just a great idea. I did NOT allow my printing site to defeat this idea with some many other options out there.

I did NOT send my 6 year old to school with a billion pound back pack and an extra bag for all the Valentine's Day cards, goodie bags and snacks for TWO classes. I'm a nice mom and I would of course take all that in to the school for him, and I'd have had plenty of time to do it too.

I did NOT cry on Valentine's Day because it didn't turn out as I'd hoped. I wouldn't have because I am not that emotional or just things AND because I have learned not to set expectations on such occassions to avoid disappointment.

I did NOT spend some time playing a great game (Apples to Apples) while my 1 year old roamed the gym free, suprising people by unexpectedly pokig out from under the snack table etc. I am NOT that mom. (I did, really, watch him nervously at all times!)

I did NOT miss church yet again because I just didn't drag my tush out of bed in time and no one else, ::cough cough:: atempted to get anyone moving.

I did NOT agree to take a sewing machine and craft table that was my Gramma's when I'm trying very hard to slowly work through stuff and declutter. I wouldn't do that since I haven't actually touched a machine in YEARS. And I did NOT get the look from hubby about this decision.

I did NOT spend time yesterday creating Valentine's Day photo cards. That'd have beena day late, a dollar short. (But I feel justified since I posted them to my website as examples, you know for next year.)

I did NOT at any point this week gasp as I watched my youngest stand on his own for a second or two.

I did NOT plead with him to hold off walking because I'm simply not ready.



  1. I have this whole post worked out about why husbands and wives always argue on the way to church. It has, um, everything to do with your Not Me on the subject.

    Stupid vans.

    Sorry Vday didn't turn out like you wanted. :-(

    Have a great week, Lisa!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Your boys are adorable! Love the pics on your blog.

    I can totally relate with car probs. Mine has to go to the dealership this week, too. :o(

    Please come and visit me again, anytime!

    Beth E.

  3. I wasn't ready for my youngest to start walking either...she was supposed to stay a baby for a while longer!

  4. I think most of us moms deal with the sunday thing. Sounds so familiar.
    I totally hear ya on the walking thing too. must be a third child thing. I was not ready for mine to ever start walking:)

  5. Those last two were so sweet...
    Sorry your Valentine's Day wasn't what you hoped for.
    Here's hoping for a better week!

  6. Sorry to hear your van is still not working right. Hope they get it fixed and fast for you this time.

  7. I'm so sorry for your ongoing car troubles! And I'm sorry that your little one is about to take off! (even though it's cute!)

  8. Your boys are too cute! Dont feel bad...I missed church to cuz my "allergies" were bothering me (sneeze, sneeze)! Great Not Me's!

  9. My youngest is almost standing and I am not encouraging it at all.......I am sooo not ready!


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