Feb 17, 2009

Tribute Tuesday, My Husband 2-17-09

Tuesday's Tribute
A Jay and Deb Production.

Just when I think I've had about all I can take of my husband's ranting and complaining and overal general negativity, he goes and puts it to good use.

Yesterday I dropped the car off, AGAIN (that's trip number five in as many weeks in case you've lost track) for the same stalling problem and now a speaker that is not working since it's many visits with them.
So the service manager, Ted*, calls and says "Hey, we called Chrysler and we're going to replace your fuel tank thingy, some canister whatchamajobber and a dohickie valve. They're going to cover the fuel tank thingy under your warranty for you." Pause. "So the canister whatchamajobber and the dohickie value will run you about $390 billion (ok is wasn't billion but at this point it may as well have been)."
Me: "So they aren't going to cover that?"

Ted*: "No, its not covered."
Me: "Hmmm, well not sure how we'd manage that then." Pause.
Ted*: "So, do you want to talk it over with your husband and call me back?"
Me: "Yeah, I think I'd better."

Ok, so my husband really has nothing to do with our finances, at all, except to ask if we have money for this or that, from time to time. But it got me off the phone and able to talk to my husband rather that bursting into unproductive tears of anger and frustration. So hubby calls and talks to Ted*, and while I'd guess he may have been slightly animated, I also would bet that he was still nice. Becuase, well, as much as I'd really like to rip his head off and use it as a gear shift knob for asking me to spend another penny on that POS van, Ted* has this way about him that makes it hard to really be too rude. But Ted* apparently agreed with us that this isn't acceptable and asked that hubby speak with Chrysler direct to get them to cover it, because we'd get farther than he could. So that's what my wonderfully helpful hubby did. (Ok enjoy that, absorb it, cuz it probably won't be written again for a rather long time!) :) Doesn't sound like they made it super easy on him but his ranting got them to cover all the work under our warranty for just the $100 deductible. While I personally think its a crock o' crap to pay another deductible just 4 weeks after the last one when it's for the same issue, that they just can't figure out what the problem actually is. I am still hugely grateful (really, not being sarcastic here) to my husband for his efforts in making this a bit more managable for us.

*Names may have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals I may bad mouth repeatedly!



  1. Whew! Glad you don't have to pay too much. Wtg, hubby!

  2. I hate having to deal with that kind of stuff. At least your hubby helped you out! I have to deal with all of it myself-mine doesn't deal with any of that very well.

  3. I totally thought you were going to say he bought you a new van...oh well, atleast he got the price way lower. Great job hubby!
    Are they sure that van wasn't recalled? Ever?

  4. now this is a tribute i can relate to! my hubs has no clue about our finances. AND i probably won't say anything nice about him for a while! i wrote a nice post about him on his birthday. i think that's probably sufficient, wouldn't you say?

    thanks for playing along this tuesday! glad your hubs was able to get them to cave!

  5. sheesh, what a freicken MESS with that van of yours!!!!!!! i cannot believe all of this and im so sorry you have to deal with his crap!!! Im glad Tom was able to talk some sense in to those idiots (sorry im rather mad right now at the company for having you go thru all of this lol). Hopefully it ALL gets fixed this time and u will have nothing left to worry about! *crosses fingers* xoxo Megan

  6. LOVED the last comment you left on my blog:) No email address attached to your profile on your comment, so I tracked you down here to tell you;)



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