Feb 23, 2009

Not Me Monday 2-23-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

But not until you check out what I did NOT do this week and leave me a comment about what you did NOT do this week.

This week I did not spend another $200 on a car that is still doing the exact same thing it was taken in 5 times, paid over $800 in the last month for.  I also have not posted about this repeatedly on my blog, even promising to be done about it...all I can say is blame Ted*. It's all his fault that I'm (not) still talking about the ridiculous nonsense Gurnee Dodge and Chrylser are putting us through.

I did not make an etsy bow purchase for my friends daughter, WHILE she was still in labor.  I can't believe I can honestly say I still haven't seen her.  I'm (really) very patiently waiting to see the new little peanut princess when I'm invited despite all my urges to simply show up on her doorstep, camera props and all.

I did not have a friend from high school lose her husband. We are entirely too young to be facing such issues!  I also did not offer to go knock around her inlaws who are treating her shitty right now!  I wouldn't do that because...I'm a lover not a fighter!

I did not take my one year old to get his hair cut after holding off for weeks because of everyone's protests.  I did not then hugely regret it.  I'm more stable than that!  He looks great, he did great, he just looks too old now.  

I have not had even a single baby urge.  Nope not even though my baby now looks like such a big boy.  Or hearing about the brand new little princess.

I did not torture my husband by not letting him play all his facebook games on my laptop while his is off at the laptop hospital (my brothers) to get some new something or rather!  If I did, I wouldn't have told him to consider it Mafia rehab! 

I did not allow the older boys to watch a movie in my bedroom so my BIGGEST boy could watch racing in the living room  I did not then realize it was after 6 pm and no one had eaten dinner.  I did not serve my boys hot dogs and mac n cheese IN my bed so that they could keep watching the movie so that they would not miss any of the movie or be late to bed to finishing watching it.  If I had thought, they'd have totally surprised me by not making much of mess at all and telling me I'm the best.  That certainty wouldn't have made it totally worth it.

I did not swear off donuts, yet again because my stomach does not seem to like them nearly as much as I do.  



  1. This van nightmare is unbelievable. You're going to be able to write a book about it by the time it's finally over. And I'm not talking a memoir, I'm talking a horror story the likes of Stephen King!

  2. You are a saint!! I am afraid that I would have taken that van out in the country and enjoyed blowing it up with wome high powered explosive! LOL!

  3. Oh boy I just got a Town and Country, hope we do not have those issue with our Chrylser delership but we probably will I hate those places. Your boys are so cute, I have three boys too and can not wait for the day I can talk, dh into a princess. See you around Mckmama's.

  4. Great list! I love the eating in bed story--that's the stuff of good memories!

  5. Oh man, if it weren't "gaining" a monthly car payment, I would get rid of our T&C in a heartbeat. It has been trouble from the get-go and the dealership is HORRIBLE! If it makes you feel any better, it's not you, it's Chrysler's crummy products and horrible employees. [One time, after they had "worked" on it for 3 days straight, we finally got to go pick it up. Transferred all the car seats from the rental to the van (in the middle of an AZ summer day with 3 young children), turned the key, and the piece of junk wouldn't start.... IN THE DEALERSHIP PARKING LOT, where they "fixed" everything! Of course they were hesitant to help because "that's normal wear 'n tear and we'll have to charge you for that."]

    I also sometimes do NOT forget to feed my boys until after 6.... or 7. :)


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