Feb 23, 2009


I knew I was talking too much on one topic but MAN I lost 9 followers in one day, that's just not good.  I'm thinking they were just following for the giveaway and trying not to take it too personally but well that's just how I am, I take EVERYTHING personally.

Anyone else have the same issue when a giveaway ended?  Oh well, guess they'll miss out on my upcoming giveaways.  I have 2 great book giveaways coming up very soon. So if you're still with me...don't bail on me now.

ETA~ Thank you my great readers who've pointed out that its some blogger issue and not in fact that ten people are actually peeved at me.  Just wanted to share that in case anyone else was feeling unloved today but didn't read the comments.



  1. I have lost 7 followers today! It is a blogger thing, they are doing some updating and merging you can go to the help tab and read about it in the known issues! I was like you! I was ready to give up this whole blogging thing because I did not know what I did wrong! Just know you are not alone!

  2. Heck I lost ONE yesterday and started stressing over it! LOL I'm sure it is because of the giveaway!

  3. HI Lisa,
    nonononono! I have a BRAND new blog and I lost 2 people this morning... I only had 5, and I was boohooing! hahah!
    It was some Glitch in Google!
    BUT.. I still don't have them back. I think it has to do with public and anonymous followers.
    Yup! I'm still here!!!!
    I like your Blog by the way!

  4. I lost 3 followers today too. Sheesh is right. I feel like I did something wrong. & I am a great bloggy friend. What happened?

  5. Thank goodness you mentioned this! I lost 2 today (and I don't have that many to start with) and was worried about it.

  6. Something has to be changing and it has to do with the settings. I think its a server change and not everything transfered.
    Check your blogs settings.

  7. well i'm glad i'm not the only one who gets all silly about those things.. :0)


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