Feb 25, 2009


Man, I'm so mad at myself. I had 11 comments to moderate (I'm not even sure why I'm still moderating as I haven't had anything but great, clean comments from you all) and I hit all and then hit reject :(
The part I'm most mad at is that I had at least two new readers who's blogs I wanted to go to and now those comments are gone, I tried using the back button but no good. So I sincerely apologize but if you read this and were new to my blog in the last day or so and left a comment could you leave another one so that I can be sure to make it to your blog as well!!!
Sorry. I'm off to turn off the moderation now so I can't do that again.


  1. Ugh that happened to me too! I stopped moderating for that very reason!

  2. On NO! That sucks, I'm sorry. :-(

  3. Uh-huh.... sure ya "accidentally" hit the reject button! :o I think you just wanted to see how many people would come back and comment. jk


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