Feb 25, 2009



Well, we FINALLY watched FIREPROOF the other night. It made for a nice little date night. We put the kids to bed, opened a (heart shaped) box of chocolates and watched the movie. And to give you an idea of how often stuff like that happens, the next morning Johnny found the empty chocolate box and I was accused of eating it all myself. When I told the boys that their dad and I had watched a movie and shared a box of chocolates, Johnny laughed and said "Now tell me the truth!" Guess we really need to make a better effort to do stuff like that, if for no other reason but to set a good example of a healthy marriage to our kids.
But anyway, Tom was just as excited to watch it as I was after hearing Kirk Cameron doing an interview on Moody radio. He told me as it started, "I've heard that if you don't cry during this movie you have no heart."
And it was a good movie. But I'd say for about 90% of it weren't necessarily blown away. I think part of the reason being that in some ways we'd lived it. So it wasn't something new to us, the power of God, especially in a broken marriage. But just after I made the comment of, "eh, didn't make me cry," thinking it was over, it got me. Yup I bawled like a baby but not at all for the reasons I'd expected. I won't ruin it for anyone but I'll just say that it is so worth the watch. Watch it with your spouse if they're up for it. Or watch it by yourself. But watch it! I promise no matter where you are in your marriage or where you've been, there's something there that will touch everyone!
And we've had the Love Dare book for months. We've both read it some. But after watching the movie, I'm ready to REALLY do it. Now to just find it...
It was in the bathroom (hey it's not easy to find a quiet spot in a house with three boys) and got a "little" wet and we don't remember where we put it to dry!



  1. We watched it and my husband was judging the woman the whole time making it slightly hard to enjoy, but uh it was still worth watching. And I cried too!

  2. I pre-bought it...and have yet to pick it up! We sure could use it, or maybe it is me that could use it along with a ton of prayers :)

  3. This is a wonderful movie we watched it when it came out on DVD and I think every couple needs to watch it!!!I to cried.

  4. I cried too when he was talking to her on his knees. OH my. Too sweet.
    So glad you enjoyed it.

  5. my husband and i both cried while watching it...despite the cheesiness, it is totally worth watching. loving the song that played during the credits, too!

  6. we watched it recently, too. neither of us really dug it. i do think it's a really neat concept, and maybe one day down the road if we were drifting apart, i'd try it .... right now it's not really necessary, though ... but we're still newlyweds, lol. at least i like to think so.

  7. I know that Ive probably mentioned this before Lisa, but the Fireproof couples bible study is really great to. It allows you to learn and explore your marriage together. Carey and I are doing it now.

    Love and Prayers,



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