Mar 18, 2009

Growing, Changing

It's been a busy, kind of crazy week.  I think :::knock on wood::: that the older boys are finally on the mend.  I suppose as far as illness goes this one was pretty tame.  They had fevers and they have coughs but no bodily fluids were spewed, sprayed or otherwise releases willy nilly about the house.  For that, I'm thankful.  It is still, of course, always sad to see my maniacs knocked down by a bug and turned in quiet, couch lying, nap taking little things.  Ok, yes, I'd love a day or two of them that was every now and then if it could be done without them suffering, I admit it!!  But for THEM to be like that I KNOW they are SUFFERING!  So I'd rather suffer with our normal, super loud chaotic style of living than see them so unhappy.

Luckily, Bryan has skated by without getting it. :::again, knocking on wood:::  I will chalk it up to...a flu shot I guess!  It certainly wasn't that he was exposed because he repeatedly crawled over his half conscious brothers on the couch to give them kisses!  

Of course, he's still be his normal needy and jealous self.  That makes for fun times when someone else (typically Johnny) really wants to cuddle and be loved on by his mom because he's sick.  But as with all things, we make it work as best as we can.  Have I mentioned lately that he's darn lucky he's so cute!?!?!

But I can't get over how much he's changed just in this last week.  Not size wise, I mean, I don't think that boy could get any bigger!!  But with how much he's learning and doing. I really love this stage.  (Remind me of that shortly when he's a toddling tornado, ok?)  In the last week he's...
  • grown 3 teeth
  • started waving and saying bye-bye.  He does this when asked if he wants to go bye-bye but also whenever he sees someone getting out a jacket.  Unless that someone is me, in that case he starts to have a tantrum because I'm leaving without HIM!
  • sporadically repeating short words and sounds.  The other day he had an Indiana Jones toy and I was pretending to do the whip like Indi and he started making the whip move and sound!  And last night he was repeating "wall."  Yeah, I don't know, he has serious fascination with the wall behind our couch.
  • grabbing Tom or I's hand to get us to do stuff for him.  It started out being cute.  But sometimes it makes it much harder to actually do what he wants while he's directing me!
  • nodding "yes" and occasionally "no" as the appropriate response.  He also looks like he's nodding "yes" when he's boppin' his head to music.
  • doing this goofy looking knew walk.  It's clear that he wants to be able to move while in the upright position but this is the slowest movement ever.  He usually tries for a minute and gives up and crawls, but its pretty funny to watch.
  • fallen in love with windows and looking outside.  We've been teased with a few days of great weather but weren't able to get out and enjoy it.  I can't wait to be able to get out for fresh air regularly again.  
It's not new just this week but fairly new.  He's suddenly terrified of dogs.  Ah, yes that complicated things a bit since...we HAVE a dog.  I'll have to post a photo of the two of them together not too long ago, but I'm guessing I won't get another one for some time!!!  



  1. It is AMAZING how quickly they develop! And so sorry to hear about your sick little guys! Praying everyone feels much better soon!

  2. At that age they change so quickly...and what a fun age it is!

    Glad everyone is feeling better!

  3. They do grow way too fast! Too bad you can't bottle that time! :0)

  4. I hope all are feeling 100% again soon!


  5. Hi there.
    Hang in there.
    Just stopping by via MBC to say hello.
    Have a great day!

  6. WTG, Bryan!! Mad's starting to get jealous too. Kinda cute but kinda annoying, lol!

  7. man, its SOOO amazing, yet sad in a way, how fast babies grow and change! its so fun to watch but when you look back and say "where did those years go?" it gets kinda enjoy all of this :) xoxo Megan


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