Mar 4, 2009

Happy Hump Day

week is officially half over. Although, I'm taking Friday off so I suppose the work week was half over for me last night. But now I'm just splitting hairs.

This week feels a little extra crazy for me because we're going away for the weekend to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells. I have serious travel induced anxiety so the moment the decision was made I started to worry, wonder and of course make lists. I blame this anxiety on my mom. She was the queen of travel anxiety as well as hostess anxiety and was kind enough to share both of them with me. Of course over the years she has worked through her anxiety. She is MUCH more calm now when hosting even large functions at her home. I still panic if we're going to have anyone over for anything resembling an organized meal. I think her travel anxiety is somewhat improved too, but she still pulls out the suitcases and lists well in advance of a trip. And I am totally the same. When I brought a suitcase from the basement Monday night, Tom looked at me like I'm nuts (more nuts than usual even)! It adds to my stress that I am hopelessly behind on laundry so I've been trying to catch up the last two nights and got quite a bit packed last night. With all this preparedness going on, you'd think that the day we leave would be nice and calm and orderly but I highly doubt that. There will be much commotion, mass confusion and probably some tears shed. And of course at least ONE argument about how many toys we really NEED to take! Johnny seems to be convinced that we need to take every toys and video game we have, even though we're going to an indoor water park that also has a 4 story 'dry' playground, video arcade and mini golf. Yes, I'm sure we'll be horribly bored son, better figure out how to take the Wii with us!! @@
But with the trip there and back being at least 2 hours and a side trip on Saturday of at least 2 1/2 hours EACH way, I will stress about having things to keep them occupied in the car.
And as if I didn't have enough going on in my crazy little head, I dropped the van off again. It was made very clear that we would be out of town and if they attempted to charge me any extra days because they finished the work while we were gone, I might inflict serious pain. So honestly, I have my fingers crossed we have the rental for the week. 1, its less wear on our already SAD van but 2, it means I don't have to clean out my van to make room for all the stuff I'll pack as if we're fleeing the country not leaving for a mere 2 days.
The guys in the service department were so so nice to me too! Seriously makes me wonder why I've wasted 31 years of my life being so nice! Not that I'm holding my breath that things will actually be fixed. But as if some sort of car god was looking down on my yesterday before I dropped it off a totally new problem popped up. It's really become humorous at this point. But this problem in particular was sort of entertaining. The driver side lock switch wouldn't lock when you pushed it. It would unlock, but not lock. But then Tom tried it and I don't know if it was like a delayed reaction or some sign of evil possession but it would lock all on its own.
Have I mentioned lately that Consumer Reports does NOT recommend buying Chrysler? Yeah, I know, you're shocked. Oh well, live and learn. I'm thinking maybe I'll be able to turn this experience into a best selling book deal. What do you think? Ok maybe just a short column somewhere with my hard learned advice on how to go about buying a new car!
But for this week, I'm going to hopefully shove all this to the back of my mind, pack for a trip and not worry about it until we return on Monday. Tonight's mission: trip to the store for some things we'll need i.e. snacks, breakfast foods, socks for Bryan (apparently he's eating them because I can only find 2 pair) swim trunks diapers etc etc. couple more loads of laundry and most importantly backing up all my photos so that I can empty my memory cards and take a TON of photos! (I am debating...take the new camera or the old camera. Water park and camera doesn't really sound like a good combo...)



  1. have fun! When we went to Kalahari we did not take one toy for them - minus Hannah's DS that she only played for a few minutes! (there was just no time for toy-playing with everything the resort had)
    I hope you have a wonderful time :)

  2. we stayed at the glacier canyon portion of the wilderness resort last summer. you will have a blast! it was just awesome. but sadly, i took almost NO pictures due to the waterpark/camera equation.

  3. Have a great time and enjoy your vacation. Enjoy your car rental too. Take lots of pictures.

  4. LOL I had completely forgotten about the possessed locks in our old van (it was a Chrysler, I might add). It had an assortment of problems, ending with a blown engine, but the lock thing was humorous in an alarming way. There were at least two occasions on which it would decide it needed to lock and unlock itself repeatedly in a short period of time... while parked in our drive way and we stood by watching.
    I hope they get yours fixed. We eventually had to give up on ours because the engine cost way more than we had at the time.
    Have a fun time in Wisconsin!

  5. LISA!

    is this your 1st time taking the boys to the wilderness?? we take my nieces there every year in april and they looooooove it. and trust me you will need almost NO toys...there's soo much fun to keep everyone busy...i LOVE it there :)

    ANDDDDDD where's this '2.5hr side trip' on saturday to?? will you be coming to grandmas birthday party? hope so, then i can see your cuties cuz i havent in a while :)

    xoxo MEgan

  6. and p.s. too bad i didnt live closer to you cuz i'd come over ANY day to help you pack and get ready...its funny that you hate it/are anxious over it, because packing/preparing for big things is one of my faaaaaavorite things 2 do lol!


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