Mar 3, 2009

I don't know how many times a day I hear "you're it!" despite having explained to my 5 year old that our teeny tiny house is not really a suitable place to play tag. But of course the "baby" thinks its hysterical when he tags him and then runs away so he keeps doing it, and doing it until my alter ego 'psycho mom' comes out! I tell ya, I can not WAIT for the nice weather to come where its warm enough to go outside and also dry enough to not end up a mud ball! Then he can play Tag until he passes out! :)
But today someone tagged me that I won't even yell at! Shelly over at My Little Men and Me tagged me.
So now I'm IT! But luckily I don't have to run and catch anyone. I just have to share 6 weird things about myself and then "tag" 6 of my bloggy friends. SOOO much easier than running!

Ok so 6 weird things...the only hard part is to think of 6 things I haven't already shared. It seems like whenever I do these at least one person is unimpressed because they already knew all the things....So I'm going to try hard, dig deep and find 6 totally NEW weird things. Are you ready???

1. Although I'm about as far as can be from OCD about the orderliness of my house I drive my children (and my mom and my husband) insane with my obsessive finger and toenail trimming and ear cleaning. I swear their faces could be covered in chocolate and have toothpaste in their hair but if they have grossness in their ears or their nails are the slightest bit grown out...have to clip and Q-tip!!

2. My mom and regularly shared a toothbrush when was younger, like when we were on vacation. But the idea of sharing a tooth brush with my kids is disgusting. Not sure exactly why but it's just not happening! Well, actually it HAS happened but I didn't know about it until well after the fact!

3. I'm a crazy strict mom in a lot of way (see afore mentioned 'psycho mom') but I can totally be such a sucker sometimes. This weekend I offered the older boys a $1 for the one who could help me find the most of Bryan's Weebles. We now have 12 and I couldn't find 1. In the end I paid out $6. They both worked really hard and Johnny actually found the most but Timmy would literally not quit looking when there was just one left. (He found it in MY bedroom the next morning and was CRAZY pleased with himself.) And then they conned me into an extra 2 singles a piece. Timmy wanted to put his $1 in the Church part of their bank thing but of course wanted some money to put in the store part. And because I'm a total sucker for his generous side, I caved. So Johnny followed suit. And then, I don't know what happened but apparently the "bank" slot was feeling a bit left out. So they each got a dollar for that too! For $6 I could have bought some new Weebles (on eBay)!

4. (Already running out of things! I am pretty weird but there isn't much I haven't shared. So the rest you will likely know if you actually know me or have read my blog for long!)
My best friends are also my nieces. Don't sound too weird unless you know they're actually my age and that they were my friends first. Then I married their uncle (he's 16 years older than I am) and they became family too. Unfortunately I still don't see them nearly as often as I'd like.

5. I hate socks and shoes. I don't think we've had a full week without snow since probably early November but yet I've never stopped wearing my clogs with no socks! Of course my feet totally show it. But it's just one less thing to have to worry about if I don't wear socks. Don't have to wash them. Don't have to track them down. Don't have to pair them up after they're washed! With 8 other feet to worry about, its just easier not to deal with my own.

6. I am the only child, the oldest child, the middle child AND the youngest child it just depends on who's point of view you take. I am the only child from my mother and father and there for was the only child for the first 11 years of my life. At 12 my mom got remarried and I gained an older stepbrother. So on that side I'm the youngest! Then a year or so later my step mom gave birth to my 'baby' brother. And I became the oldest on that side of the family. But to me, I am the only since I have a big brother and a little brother! Maybe this explains my occasionally split personality!

So now it's my turn to TAG some friends:
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Just remember "No Running in the House!" ladies!!



  1. My flinstone feet leave something to be desired, too. LOL

  2. you CRACK me down :) You and Tab would get along great with the ear thing. While I did not like to see wax, Miles has the teeny tiniest ear canals and tab always gets ahold of her ears with a q-tip... LOL

  3. lol @ you youngest, middle and oldest I am the middle... it sucked haha.

  4. I can't even go barefoot in the summer! My feet are always freezing!

  5. cant believe you wear no socks and CLOGS in winter...oh my gosh i'd think you'd have frostbite by now! seriously...

    and you're not the only one that's scared of using a toothbrush of your child's mom and grandma shared theirs with me here n there when i was growing up but the thought of ME sharing it with my NIECES just grosses me out i can totally relate to you!

    love #6 too...very interesting!

    xoxo Megan


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