Mar 1, 2009

Not Me Monday, 3-2-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

But not until you check out what I did NOT do this week and leave me a comment about what you did NOT do this week.

Well of course, it was another perfect week so I di not did do a single embarrassing or imperfect thing.

I did not use facebook or my blog to release my frustration with the Dodge dealership.

I did not leave my husbands comment on my blog that totally blew my top secret cover for the jerk I've been dealing with at the dealership and the dealership name.

I did not leave a hormonally driven ranting message with the General Manager at said dealership. I am never hormonal or illogical! LOL

I did not have a totally forget that my family has recently started reading my blog when I posted not one but two posts asking for comments to help me win a contest I'd intented to pass along the gift for completely blowing any chance of it being a secret.

I did not panic at the thought of my husband actually reading my blog. That'd be silly because I'm fine with thousands of "virtual" strangers reading my posts, this shouldn't be an issue with my loved ones.

I do not LOVE hearing from my hubby how much he likes reading my writing. (I don't need ego boosts at all!)

I did not get to hold the tiniest baby I've ever held this week. (She's 5 pounds, almost half of one of MY newborns.) My arm did not still fall asleep!

I did not also get to have a MNO (mom's night out) the same day. We did not take up a table from 7:30 until 11pm just talking and talking, and laughing!

I did not then come home after church to convince my hubby not to get out of the car but to immediately leave the driveway to go visit family because just didn't feel like sitting at home. Of course this was not a big deal becaue I did not have a thousand loads of laundry that I still need to do.



  1. Too funny. I'm the same way about family reading my blog. Just wait... you're gonna run into one of those anonymous people one of these days - I did!

    Oh man... I totally have baby fever. My kiddo was exactly 5 pounds when we brought him home. I miss it!

    Funny NMM's - hope the dealership takes care of ya.

  2. Lisa,

    Great Not Me's from you as always! Im NOT off to write mine now at such the late hour. Its almost 2am here. :(

    Love and Prayers,


  3. My hubby reads my blog to and totally rates my Not Me Mondays on whether or not they were funny or not. Sheesh.
    Good for you getting your frustrations out about your have the right.

  4. I feel the same way about my family reading my blog, lol! I don't know why... glad you had a fun MNO!

  5. My husband never reads my blog, or at least i don't think he does... hmm... I think living with the real thing is just enough for him!

  6. Enjoyed reading your NMM. And you have very handsome boys! Hope you'll hop over and see what I did NOT do this week.

  7. Stopping by again this week to say hi, great not me's, my family has not caught on to my blog yet, that is probably a good thing,


  8. Great not me's!!! My hubby reads my blog too and believe me I get told what I should not have put on my blog about him!!

  9. Yeah family and blogs usually dont mix.. depends what kind of blog, you cant bitch about em if they read it hahaha.. so you have to silence your the crazy calling.. sounds like somethin I'd do!

  10. That's funny, Lisa, because it's so true. We feel less risk telling everything to strangers than to our own family. Seems wrong but is oh so true.

  11. I too have forgotten that my family reads my blog...oops!

  12. Stupid dealership. *grumble grumble* Morons.

    I like hearing when Rob likes my blog, too. He doesn't tell me much, though. Rude.


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