Mar 2, 2009


So have I mentioned lately that I would not ever recommend buying a Chrysler/Dodge product? Oh, I have? Oh well. I'll say it again anyway. And if by chance you just can't live without a Dodge, do yourself a favor, call Chrysler and find a 5 Star Dealership. I unforunately can't speak to the fact that they will indeed give you good service but I know not going to one guarentees you anything BUT good service.
After waiting almost a week and a half to hear back from the service manager I wrote an email to the President of the dealership. Not only is the problem not fixed but now our oil light is sporadically going after they just did an oil change. And guess what? Guess who called tonight? Yup that's right, good ole' Ted* the service manager. (Actually I found out he's the Parts and Service Director from the website today.) Luckily Ted* got my husband on the phone because he was MUCH kinder than I would have been. But I am going to be the one to drop off the van again, yes that will be the SIXTH time in less than two months. Supposedly they are going to figure this out and are fully understanding that I am not going to give them another penny. But I'll double check that when I drop it off!
I'm debating on whether I should post the letter here...what do you say? Want to read it?



  1. THe only reason I'd say no to the letter is if you had any idea that it might unleash a stampede of mad bloggy friends on the dealership :)

    Sorry for the frustration!

  2. yep wanna read it :)


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