Mar 9, 2009

Our weekend

Our weekend started off a little later than expected.  But I suppose that SHOULD have been expected, because that's simply how things go for us.  For having three kids I think we dod pretty darn good when it comes to being punctual.  It's just when it comes to depending on others that we end up getting our plans thrown.  But by 11am on Friday we were packed up and on our way.  Just two quick stops and we're ready.  This is what everyone looked like when we stopped for gas.

Really, he was happy about this trip. I think? :)

And my two little artists. Already busily filling their brand new Spiderman notebooks.
Johnny, who I somehow didn't realize until we arrived had not taken off the shirt he'd worn the day before (and apparently slept in) but just put a clean shirt OVER it.

Timmy. Waaay in the back.

And Bryan.  Who was just too easy (in the car at least)

Because this was him very shortly after getting on the road.

And when he woke up he had something to eat.  Some chocolate chip cookies to be exact.
Can you tell???
And really he wasn't grumpy, that's just his favorite thing to do when he sees the camera.
Maybe he has figured out it goes a way quicker if he will only give me a grump face.

It took a little less than 3 hours to get there.  So we were a little early to check in, so we decided to eat first.  (It was supposed to be an early dinner.)  Then off to check in.  

And then we wasted no time to get into suits and head to the indoor water park.  

Here are the boys before heading to the pool.

After about 2 hours in the pools it seemed like everyone was done.  So we headed back to the room and got changed.  And we must have worked or played hard because we were all hungry again.  So we stopped and ate again at one of the places in the resort before heading over to the 4 story "dry park."  It looked pretty cool with all sorts of crazy balls flying all over, out of a volcano or being shot out of cannons or slingshots.  But Tom took the big boys and headed in while I stayed out in a small play area that was perfect for Bryan.  

It had different little things to crawl on, over or under.  He was amused for a little bit.

But then he found some escape balls and he was in heaven.  I spent the next hour or more chasing down this ball as he repeatedly pushed, rolled or threw it over this little wall.

Eventually I he started to get tired and crabby.  I tried to hold him and he just wasn't having that.  So I let him down to run "free." And then his Daddy came out and he sprang back to life.  This is his new little "happy dance."  I need to get it on video because it's so darn cute.

Oh and this was while we were playing the ball game.  But I just love this expression!!
I need to fiure out a name for it.

It somehow ended up being 11pm before we were all hunkered down for the night (though the big boys  were up watching "their" TV until sometimes after midnight.)  It was a really rough night with Bryan.  He didn't do well sleeping in a strange place.  Luckily the boys seemed to be too tired completely exhausted  to seem to notice the noise multiple times throughout the night.

Saturday we woke up at an unGodly hour at our normal times.  And were back in the car by 9am.  We made it to the birthday party before noon.  Luckily Bryan slept again most of the way!  We stayed at the party for about 2.5 hours.  Seemed like a lot of driving for such a short visit.  But there is just no way not to go to a 99th birthday party.  I mean how can you not celebrate 99 years!  That's simply not something everyone has the chance to do.  So it was well worth it to us.  Bryan had a blast there.  He played with some toys and flirted his time away.  But the older boys were eager to get back to the resort.  So back into the car we were.

We headed back to the room to get suited up.  Then we walked "3 miles" to go to a different water park within the resort.  But it was impossible to get our stroller through and just didn't have as great of options for our none swimming kids.  So we trekked the "3 miles" back to the same area we'd been to on Friday.  We spent another 2 hours or so again.  The older boys hung out with Dad in the wave pool, bobbing around on a 'floaty' while I pushed Bryan in  a swing in the baby pool. 

After 2 hours we were hungry again.  So we headed back to the room and had some pizza delivered.  Earlier in the week Johnny had tried to get me to pinky swear that we'd get room service.  I didn't but figured this was about as close as we were getting and it sounded really good.  Since it was after Bryan's bed time anyway, I kept Bryan in the room and tried to get him to sleep while Tom took Timmy and Johnny back to the dry park.  Getting Bryan to sleep did not go well.  After over an hour we were both just falling asleep when some horribly loud buzzer/siren went off.  I need did figure out what it was but I know it woke BOTH of us up.  And that Bryan then ended up staying up again until after 11pm.  And he again was up a bunch of times.  

Sunday we planned to spend the whole day enjoying the resort.  But instead we got around 2 hours again before hearing that the weather was getting very ugly outside and packing up.

Luckily I finally pulled the camera out a little before we had to go.

(yeah I don't know either)
Here's the swing that Bryan liked

Johnny playing in the fountains.

Timmy playing in the fountains.

Johnny "braving" the BIG slide LOL

Hey it IS a slide, and it does have water running down it, so I guess he can say he went down a water slide.  But this was the extent of any of us doing any water slides, even though there were a TON there.  We really stayed to the wave pool and the baby pool.

Coming home the weather was horrible.  It was icing.  So we took a slightly different route home in order to head south a bit quicker.  Luckily we didn't have incident and made decent time.  
While I think it was a good time, I'm not sure that it was all it was cracked up to be for us. If we'd had the full time there it would have been well worth it but I felt like we got a bit robbed, especially on Sunday because of the weather.  I mean com eon it IS March.  And if the boys were big swimmers it'd be amazing.  But the boys aren't really like me in their appreciation of water.  I think they take after their dad in this area.  But they got out the house, did something different and burned off a TON of energy.  That was clear today when they slept until 11am.  When I woke up this morning I found Timmy sleeping ON Tom.  He woke up with an earache.  So I had to take him to the Dr this afternoon and sure enough he has an ear infection!  He simply did not get wet enough to have had this problem, but what can you do.  That's just the way things go for us...did I mention that!?!
And one last thing about our getaway.
I really can't believe the rudeness in our society.  I think about 10% or less of the people we encountered had any common courtesy.  I swear we expect more out of our 5 and 6 year old than we got out of most of the adults there.  Seriously, why is it so hard to hold a door or wait two seconds for someone to get through a doorway before you smash your way through.  



  1. i love the car photo's your youngest and his cubby cheeks!
    Looks like alot of fun!

  2. loooooooove the pictures! and it sounds like you had a fun time even if it wasnt quite as cracked up as you thought it would seems like you didnt get to explore ALL of the waterparks, and it isnt as fun if the kids arent big water sure if you go back again sometime when they've grown more accustomed to the water they will have even more of a blast :) sorry 2 hear bryan didnt sleep well :( it was really nice seeing you on saturday for a lil while tho...and seriously one time this summer if i can find an open day i might just have to come down to your house for a playdate/photo shoot with my nieces :) xoxo love you *megan*

  3. Love the pictures! Sounds like a fun weekend :)

    And you have GOT to get the happy dance on video - I bet it's adorable!

  4. Hi- I'm here for the party!

    Your boys are SO SO cute!!! I love 'em!

    I want to go here, it looks like a great time!


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