Mar 10, 2009

Super Hero

It's my Super Hero, alter ego!

I promise, I really don't have any other personalities living in my head, please don't send them to come take me away.

I just found this fun little site (thanks to another blogger, Jo) to create your very own Super Hero You! If I had to pick a super pwer it'd be a realy tough choice between the power to make my children listen to me and being able to sure sickness/suffering! I don't hold my hope for my kids listening to me. At least not for a good 15-20 years when they realize, just like I did, that maybe mom does know a thing or two.
And while I am fully away that I can't really cure anything, I AM working on something to do the most I can to help. Details on that coming soon hopefully.



  1. There is something totally freeing when you see your super hero self! Love it!

  2. Pushing out a kid makes you a Super Hero, in my book. ;-)

  3. I think you Super Hero is hot! LOL. But what is that thing on her waist, a fanny pack? LOL

    great post as always Lisa,

    Love and Prayers,


  4. HI, I love your blog title. It´s what brought me to you. I too have three boys! They are 15 months apart. Your boys are so cute! But I am with you, I never imagined my life quite this way. :)

    What a super hero! Go get em´ Captian!


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