Apr 21, 2009

By The Book, review and GIVEAWAY

By The Book

Do you get out regularly for dates with your spouse? Ok, yay me neither! I wish I did but its just not in the cards for us right now. We seem to get out about...once a year. But on that one day we end up spending a ton of time explaining routines, rituals and rules to a completely competent but likely overwhelmed sitter. More than once we've fielded calls, not because an child is hurt or inconsolable, but typically because the sitter can not navigate the sea of remotes we have to start a dvd for the kids. Whether you have one or one dozen kids there just so much to remember to tell a sitter while also tryig to fend of meltdowns because you're leaving and attempting to keep your clothes free from snot or spit-up.

But Karen Berg and Melissa Bishop of Karmel Publishing have developed an amazing solution. Whether you get out regularly or annually, leave your kids with dad, grandparents or a neighbor and whether your kids are infants or older, this book is the perfect thing for every family.

They have created an amazing fill in the blank book that covers all the info that anyone should need to care for your kids (and even your furry kids). Everything from kids likes and dislikes to the hopefully never needed emergency information can be filled in, organized, updated and kept easily accessible. While you'll need to spend some time with it upfront to get all the info into the book, it will save a ton of time as you try to rush (or sneak) out the door. And although my husband is now home full time with the kids I remember a time when this wasn't the case. And I know many other father like this who don't know all the favorites or the bedtime routines. This book could be a perfect thing for them as well. No promises from me that you'll actually get them to look at it. I think it may fall in the "directions" category and we all know how they are about directions. But given a major meltdown even the toughest dad might give in and take a peek!

And last but certainly not least. A section you'll likely want to store in a separate, but equally important binder is the section for you, the parents, to keep/manage information on different sitters. You can record their contact info and other stats like whether they have their own car etc. And if you're looking for a new sitter or nanny they've even provided interview questions for you!

Think this sounds like something you could use?

Well you're in luck! The wonderful ladies of Karmel, have offered one free eBook version of By The Book for one of my readers.

To enter this giveaway, you'll need to visit Karmel Publishing and then come back and leave me a comment sharing which section sounds like the most useful in your house.

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Winner will be selected on April 29th.



  1. I think the most helpful for us would be the part in Section 1 about what they love and what they hate. When we have a sitter, I really want the girls to have a great time. So I tell her all kinds of things about what they enjoy doing and what to keep them away from or not let them do. What their favorite TV shows, games, and toys are, etc.


  2. I am also a follower.

    P.S. I have to win this book because it has polka dots all over the cover, and that is my current addiction. I am big time crossing my fingers!

  3. I just subscribed via e-mail.


  4. Just added your button to my blog:


  5. Section I: The Basics
    Extra Curricular Details

    I need this just for the husband... who forgot AGAIN the Ano has gymnastics on Mondays! @@

  6. Blogged about it...


  7. Am I supposed to post another comment to get the two entries for blogging about your giveaway?

  8. Definetly section 1, It is great to know the kids likes/dislikes! That really helps!

  9. All things Medical is important.

    lindsmoore55 AT yahoo DOT com

  10. The Love and Hate section

  11. Section 1 -- love/hate would be the most useful for me.
    Thanks for giveaway!

  12. I think the most useful would be Section III - Help It's an Emergency. Everyone needs it written down what to do in an emergency!

  13. I subscribe