Apr 20, 2009

Not Me Monday, 4-20-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Ahh, it's Monday again but I did NOT forget that it was. And at no point in the last few days have I been completely unsure what day it was. I'm always clear headed, well rested and on task. So as you can tell, none of the following could have occurred in our house this week.

We did NOT eat out 4 straight days. I am an amazing Martha Stewartesq cook. So I always prepare homemade gourmet meals for my clan.

I did NOT purchase large amount of chocolate this week. Just because it is 75% off does NOT mean its 75% fewer calories. And therefor I did NOT eat at least 75% more than I should have.

I did NOT "help" both of my older sons create completely useless blobs of wood at the children's workshop. I am a 21st century woman who knows how to handle her tools. And if said projects did happen to not work out AT ALL, I would not completely blame it on the fact that the pieces were given obviously being miss cut. And I also did NOT feel at better about it all when the friends we met there realized that the front of their birdhouse had been nailedin upside down, thus creating a slight issue with the birds being able to use the perch that was now ABOVE the whole.

I did NOT allow my 1 year old to eat day old fruit loops simply figuring they can't be any worse for him than anything else he eats off the floor on a regular basis. This couldn't happen of course because I don't feed my kids such sugary cereal. Especially after taking the older boys to the Dr one day with a baggie of them to be busted by the DR, saying that the box they came in woul dhave been more nutrious. But if a box did happen to fall into my shopping cart mysteriously. I wouldn't ever leave food out over night on the coffee table, so that my little man would be able to get at it the following morning.

And I have NOT spent an excessive amount of time staring at the photo of my little man standing (posted on Saturday) in total disbelief of how much older he looks simply by standing all on his own. I'm NOT at all excited about the idea of him walking and being such a big boy. And I'm sure it will NOT be at all bittersweet when he does.



  1. 75% off price does TOO mean 75% fewer calories! My big butt wouldn't lie, would it? ;)

    Cute Not Me's! Happy Monday!

  2. loved your NMMs..especially the one about the froot loops lol :D


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