Apr 3, 2009

Freebie Friday

So, have you jumped on the CVS or Walgreen freebie bandwagon yet??

I have to admit that after stalling awhile (because it sounded a bit like work), I tried to get some deals at CVS awhile ago. But I had no luck. I got a bit frustrated and gave up. But then I started reading about similar finds at Walgreen's which just happens to be literally right next door to my work. So I tried it. I started slow, nabbing a free toothpaste a couple weeks ago. But this week a friend of mine posted a link to a good deal for 'newbies' to try at Walgreens (or Wags to the frugal freebie loving ladies). So I checked it out and low and behold there were not even any previous coupons needed (this is where I fall short as we don't get a paper and I keep forgetting to buy one, or more, on a Sunday). So thus far this week I've collected 4 Chapsticks and 4 cans of shaving cream for FREE!!! And I'll be grabbing so more today while it lasts.

Visit Jen's blog to learn how you too can start grabbing some freebies!

Just a few of my own notes on the Walgreens savings game, and truly it does feel like a fun little game. Be sure that check prices AND that you check to make sure yoou recieved all your proper register rewards (RR) before you leave the cashier. I've found that the deals do vary from locations and that issues sometimes arise and RR's don't always print, or are still printing when the cashier grabs them and tries to send you on your merry way.



  1. Hi there.
    Stopping by from MBC to say hello.
    Enjoyed your post!
    Everyone loves a deal!

  2. Very cool..thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for including my blog in your post. While there are a few hangups at times, keeping your eyes on the blogs specializing in the Wags and CVS programs and the cashier while at the store is key to successful shopping trips. Plus, the more trips you do, the easier it gets and the more savings you start to see. Hope you and your family are all doing well. *Don't forget your Sunday papers this week!*

  4. So glad you stopped by my blog.
    Don't forget to stop by again. I am going to have a "card box" giveaway every month. This drawing will be the last day of April.
    Every comment you leave throughout the month will enter your name in the drawing, so if you visit several times and leave several comments, you will have a better chance to win. This NEW blogger was so touched by all the comments I got on the Blog Party, that I decided to make this a monthly GIFT...
    Also, if you link to my blog telling about the monthly giveaway, you will have your name entered 10 extra times...How is that for an incentive?
    I was so blown away by all the responses that I wanted to email each person personally, but TIME...has not permitted..but I did love reading all of them..I am continuing to introduce my family members and then there will be some fun blogs coming up from Disney World in May. I am so thankful for all my new friends. I love your blog.


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