Apr 25, 2009

Future Football Stars??

So this morning was a very short time at flag football.  And the weather was more than a little questionable so I stayed home with Bryan.  They managed to get everything done before the clouds let lose.  And I guess the boys did pretty darn well.  They ran some different drills to assess their abilities to make up the teams and we'll be able to see what teams they're on in the next couple days.  Johnny was a little bummed that he didn't do better, or at least as well as Timmy but sounds like he did do well at some things so that's great.  And Timmy did really well at several things.  Who knows what that really means for their football future, but it sounds like it should at least make this year fun for them.  Their first practice in Friday (then every Friday after that) and their first game is Saturday (then every Saturday after that).  But it should be fun.  Remind me I said that when T-Ball starts up too and we're running around 4 days a week. :)


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  1. Football, already! Goodness. Time for busy season to begin, eh?


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