Apr 10, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

Although its hardly felts like spring, Easter is upon us.

I have to say that Easter is truly one of my favorite holidays, or at least it usually is. This year I'm struggling with it a bit. And therefore I've procrastinated and added to the stressful part of things.

To me, Easter is a great holiday for two rather different reasons. First, is that as a Christian this is an enormously wonderful day. Without the event that we celebrate on Easter, I would not be saved from my sin and would have very little to look forward because trust me, I'm not going anywhere good on my own merit. But not to take away from the amazing meaning of Easter, it also holds some super fun traditions, especially with small kids. I LOVE coloring eggs and making baskets and doing egg hunts. That's fun stuff!!!!

However, I've put off too much of this stuff and now have 48 hours to cram it all in, because if I don't do it, then I sit in guilt. Yeah yeah, I know, I shouldn't. And the "kids won't even miss" some of it. But there ARE things they'll miss and I can't say as I'm always sure what those things will be. Last year I skipped a tradition because it was always something we always did with my mom and she wasn't up to it and they were VERY disappointed.

So in the next 48 I will find a way to....
  • buy eggs
  • boil eggs
  • color eggs
  • do laundry
  • make sure I still have baskets (I do actually have the stuff)
  • fill a billion plastic eggs
  • go to the mall for a photo with the bunny
  • attend our City's egg hunt
  • attend Lunch with the Easter Bunny
  • attend a Birthday party/Easter dinner (on Saturday)
  • stay up to hide a billion plastic eggs and set out baskets
  • be woken up at the crack of dawn to find a billion plastic eggs
  • make cinnamon rolls
  • make it to church, handsomely dressed
  • pray all three of them will behave during service
  • and figure out what we'll do with the rest of our Easter day

Oh and somewhere in there I have to squeeze in a trip to the Dr's office 40 minutes away to pick up Timmy's Rx so the whole weekend isn't shot.

Maybe I'll just nap on Sunday!?



  1. You are going to be a busy woman but the smiles and laughter that will be coming from your sons will make all the stress well worth it. Have Fun and Hoppy Easter :)

  2. You definitely don't have enough to do.

  3. Sounds hectic - but am so glad we cn share the reason to celebrate! Looking forward to pictures??? :)

  4. Um, busy much?!? I am voting for you to take a nap on Sunday, and ENJOY it!!

  5. wow lady...i honestly dont even think all of that is humanly possible!!!!! good luck with all of that....but you really shouldnt have expectations because then you may be setting yourself up for failure my dear! happy easter, cant wait to see pix, love ya xoxo megan


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