Apr 10, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturday 4-11-09

Ok, so maybe I need to get some newer music in my collection since all my songs are from like 3 years ago each week.  But they're still great songs with even greater messages.

As we approach the Easter, just want to encourage us all to remember that, like the songs says we are NOT ALONE.  I think many people,even many Christians consider what Jesus did on that cross is something that is done, in the past, book closed.  But that's so far from the truth.  Because of Christ's sacrifice for each everyone of us, we are able to have a personal relationship with God despite our unworthiness.  Even in our darkest moments God is with us.  He's with us whether we ask him to be or want him to be, he is there.  But if we call out to him, we will feel him.  He will hold us and we can be comforted.  Too often we pull back from God when we need him the most because of our shame.  If we're struggling with issues in our relationship, or with addictions, etc we are unable to turn to him because of what we've done.  But he's right there, wanting nothing more but to deliver us from our pain.
There are also times in our lives when we turn from him because we don't understand his plan and we feel he's abandoned us.  We don't cry out to him because we feel he's left us already.  But God never leaves us.  Not even when we question him, or are angry with him.  

I hope you'll join me this Easter in Crying Out.  If you have burdens, don't hide them in fear.  If you have anger, know that he's still with you.  I KNOW, trust me I know, it's not always easy to the light in the storm.  But through the fiercest storm, he is with us, cry out to him.



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