Apr 13, 2009

Not Me Monday, 4-12-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

It's been another week of parenting superstardom in my household. I never cease to amaze myself with my own mothering prowess. And for that reason, I clearly did NOT do any of the following less than perfect things in the last 168 hours.

I did NOT basically tell my 5 year old to walk off an inury that I found several days later was swollen red and infected looking. I'm much to caring and nurturing to have no closely examined the injury when it occurred. And I am entirely too attentive to have completely missed it even during a bath. I would not possibly have completely forgotten that he complained about it in the car and that I promised to look at it when we arrived at our destination. And it did not take him hollering in pain after bedtime for me to actually LOOK at it to see how digusting and painfull it looked. If any of this had occurred I'd have immeditately handled it like a medical pro. I would not have had to have him remove his sock and show off his swollen pussiness off at a dinner party to get the simple suggestion of soaking it in warm water/epsom salt.

I did NOT have a total panic attack when I got a call informing my that my oldest son was already home from school, having been walked home by a neighbor while I still sat at work. I did not assume that I messed up and begin a brutal mental attack on myself. I did not quickly verify that he should have infact remained at school for his after school club that day, and I didn't sigh a large sigh of relief for my responsibility, to immediately jump to wonder what then occured that allowed him to not go where he was supposed to. I did not send an email to his teachers and principle to find out that while there was some responsibility on a teachers part for taking a 6 year olds word rather than requiring a note, that my son appears to be growing into quite an adept conman. It could not all possibly have occurred most likely in an effort to acquire a birthday treat. And my son does not continue to deny all of his responsibility in this. I've raised far to honest a child for that. And also my kids are not junk food junkies at all.

I did NOT attempt to attend to a budget meeting at church WITH two small children. I would not let my kids run amuck in order to discuss something so complicated. And if I did it would NOT have resulted in my 1 years olds head being smash in a door leaving visible evidence of my failed attempts at multitasking.

I did NOT shed more than a few tears of overwhelming joy because of the love and generousity of my amazing church family. I did not begin to feel that this good thing I was doing for someone else was in fact bringing me more joy than I could have imagined. And I am sure I will be able to adequately show my appreciation for this outpouring of blessings.

I did NOT attend my little brother's 19th birthday party. It is impossible that he could BE 19. I can still remember the day he was born. I was in class (Jr High) and got called to the office, which never happened because I was not one to get in trouble (really) to take the call to let me know he'd arrived. He's grown into an amazing young man.

I did NOT take my kids to the mall to see the Easter Bunny and TWO easter egg hunts all this weekend. What? There's not any photographic proof anywhere on this blog :)

I did NOT forgo the traditional Easter dinner of ham etc for some McD's. I am too good of a cook to let that happen. I LOVE to be in the kitchen all day to give my family the type of holiday feast they deserve.

I know, it's hard to compete with my amazing skills. I've set the bar high. But if you'd like to give it a go, I'd love to read about all the things you did NOT do this week too!



  1. Thanks for the laugh...I love when another mom isn't afraid to highlight her own "mothering prowess" and "parenting superstardom!"

  2. Ha! I know how you feel. Isn't it fun to share what we normally wouldn't want people to know? I love Not Me Monday. I posted my own on my blog too! http://www.babylovingmama.blogspot.com/

  3. Totally busted... I've never done any of those things either ;)

    Seriously... a church budget meeting? You are one brave soul!

    I can't even take my ONE child to Best Buy, haha.

    And we all know about those phantom owies that suddenly decide to be far worse than originally thought.

    Thanks for the laughs - have a great week!

  4. this NMM sure gave me a chuckle :) love the honesty! xoxo megan


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