Apr 18, 2009

Spring has sprung, for now

Mother nature has smiled on us here in IL, but only temporarily.  Today it was 70 degrees when we left the house at 10am.  We were headed out to go to Home Depots kids workshop with some friends.  
Unfortunately, this trip was not as successful as our first try almost a year ago.  Johnny's toolbox held together...well enough to take this photo.  And that's about it.  But Timmy didn't even get his together.  He was making a birdhouse this one side of plexi so you're supposed to be able to hang it ON a window and watch the bird eating.  However the plexi was to slide into slots on the two sides but the piece of plexi was narrower than the whole so it didn't work at all.  But by the time we got it to that point Bryan was done with waiting for us.  So we grabbed the stuff and brought it home to see if Dad could maybe help him make it work.

After Home Depot we grabbed some McD's and took it to the park.  
Bryan watched his new buddy walking and RUNNING all over the place even though he's a few inches shorter (and we won't even talk pounds lighter).  And apperently it looked like something he might be ok with.  
Still has a ways to go but at least he's trying.  That's a step in the right direction.

Here's Bryan and his new little pal.

Playing on the slide

All the big kids.

getting ready to go down the slide

headed to space.

having so much fun is exhausting.

And this is what Johnny's toe is looking like 2 weeks after his injury.



  1. Ouch! I must have missed the toe owie post???

    I love the park pictures - the kids all look like they're having a blast!

    And isn't it heartwarming to watch those tentative steps turn into confident ones? Then total regret as they figure out how to run from you??? :)

  2. Oh his poor toe! I think I missed the post about that incident!
    Gotta love beautiful weather.. My kids played outside all day yesterday too. It was so nice! :)

  3. Ouch!! Poor thing! Looks so painful. We're loving the nice weather too but looking at rain and 40 degree temps this week. I hate April.

  4. Awww poor little guy. Looks like his toe is healing good.

  5. OMGosh - that TOE! Yeouch! REally, that's all I can focus on right now!

  6. i dont think you ever posted exactly what happened to his poor little toe?? and are you sure its okay? lol im not trying to doubt your mothering skills but that toe looks AWFUL! :( poor lil man! and now that im looking at it again, it looks a lot like what my niece skyler got on her finger not too long ago from wearing a ring that she was apparently allergic to! weird!

    looooove the pictures..especiallyt hat B&W one of bryan..so precious! I NEEEEED you to take pix of my nieces sometime lol!

    xoxo megan


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