Apr 19, 2009

The toe

I guess I didn't cover the whole toe story here.  
It's not super exciting. 
Two weekend ago the boys were fighting because one wanted the other to stay in the bedroom to play...something.  They were fighting with the door one trying to close it so the other could't get out of the room when the corner of the door jammed over Johnny's big toe apparently ripping the nail back.  He yelped but nothing major enough that I even looked at his toe.  It was 5 or 6 days later when he complained about it again but we were on our way somewhere and I forgot by the time we got home and it wasn't slowing him down from his usual running around.  The next night was when I finally looked at it because he was crying after he bumped it in bed.  It looked horrible.  But by the next morning it looked much better.  And we've soaked it each night since.  It looks horrible at the end of the day, like the photo I posted yesterday.  But that's after a day of being in a sock and getting hot and sweaty.  But after it's soaked it looks better and then by morning it looks decent again.  It does look horrible every night but there really isn't much I see that could be done to it.  So we have NOT gone to the Dr.  If someone has some horror story to share, I am always up for a good maternal freak out.  But while it does appear that he'll lose the nail...I don't know that there's a darn thing that can be done.  And honestly the thought of taking him and having to hold him while they touch it, or God forbid poke anything into it, makes me almost vomit a little.  And considering its not even hindering him...



  1. Oy! Still sounds painful - but if he's monkeying around fine without any messing with it, I agree with you to keep on keeping on.

    Though I have to say you must have a rather tough kiddie :)

  2. Ew! Losing toenails is not fun - trust me I know from experience. Luckily they grow back (most of the time.)

  3. I've been out of town, so I'm just seeing the toe picture! OUCH!! Poor kid. I think you're right, there's not much that can be done. I had the same thing happen once...door opened over my foot and ripped back a toenail...not the big toe, but still, it HURT! And, yes, I did lose the nail, a few times actually. It would fall off, grow back, then fall off again.

  4. oh, I hope his little toe is doing better! Tough little one, sounds like!
    I received my book today, "Mommy Grace"! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win something! Can't wait to sit down and READ. :)

  5. thanks for filling us in LOL...and you're right--if its not slowing him down at all, id just keep doing what you're doing...:) sounds painful as all hell tho--i cant believe he's such a trooper!


  6. Gad-zooks! That just sounds awful!


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