May 6, 2009

Calgon, take me away

Why does everything always have to be complicated?

Apparently having a funeral to attend 200 miles from home isn't enough excitement.  I now have to squeeze in a Dr appt today along with cleaning out the car, packing, and getting a new windshield wiper blade.  

Something is NOT right with Bryan.  On Saturday we spent all day outside and he never took a real nap.  So I tried not to worry too much when he took a 5 hour nap on Sunday.  But then Monday he wasn't a very happy camper.  And Monday night was a MISERABLE night.  But I still wasn't sure what was going on.  He had a bit of a runny nose and a hint of a cough, especially when he got to screaming.  But yesterday he was a wreck again.  Not too happy with much of anything.  But last night, oh he sounded HORRIBLE.  It sounds like he's smoking 5 packs a day or something.  It's sort of a barking sound, but not really like Croup.  ANd its also wheezy.  It's just down right pitiful and he's obviously starting to be worn out from it as he's too weary to really scream anymore.  So we'll be off to the Dr this afternoon.  And we'll see how this affects our trip depending on what they have to say.



  1. I hope all is ok with Bryan. Keep us posted.

  2. oh jeeze, i didnt realize you were 200mi away from grandmas up north! :( hope bryan is okay..doesnt sound too good... let us know what's up and what you find out!!! xoxo Megan

  3. Poor thing! I hope everything is okay!

  4. Yikes. Take care and hang in there.


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