May 8, 2009

To sum things up...

Our two day 400+ mile trek can all be summed up in its ending.  We got home to realize that we'd traveled the just over 200 miles back with a poopy diaper on the roof of our van!!
Ok seriously?  Who does this?  
Well, apparently us.
It was a long 30 hours!!!  
Everyone did fairly well on the way up.  The last 25 minutes or so were a little rough with Bryan but I was able to keep him from total melt down.  But when we got back in the car to go to someone's house, he was PISSED (pardon my language)!  He screamed most of the way.  Luckily it was a horribly long drive.  He was clingy for a bit but then turned into a social butterfly making friends with all the relatives.  The boys got to go on a long walk through the woods and they each got a ride on a 4wheeler.  They were in heaven.  But when we returned to the hotel.  It was about 11 before I think anyone was even close to being asleep and Bryan was up every 45 minutes or so. ALL NIGHT LONG!!  When he woke up at 5:30 this morning everyone was up for the day.  It was a rough rough morning getting everyone ready. And it started and ended with us finding ticks.  A total of 5 of them were found in 2 hours this am.  The worst one being in Bryan's ear.  Tom had to hold him down to get it out.  Bryan was NOT happy but it was lucky we spotted when we did!!
Then we spent the morning at the church.  By the time lunch was served at 1am, Bryan was exhausted and miserable and we decided to skip it and get on the road.  Before jumping in the car I remembered we'd not changed Bryan.  So I did so on the seat of the van.  I set the diaper up o the roof intending to grab it and run it to a garbage can.  But I joked that we should leave it there and see how long it takes for it to fall off. And then I promptly forgot about it.  So we drove all the way home with it on the roof.  I don't know if anyone could tell what it was.  But I'm guessing if they could, we probably gave them a good laugh.



  1. That is just totally cracking me up... and I could totally see it happening to me!

    Please, this is too perfect not to link up for True Story Tuesday! :)

  2. Bless your heart! Glad you made it home in one piece.

    I can top the poopy diaper on the roof. Years ago, we were getting in the car to take Ella to the doctor. We were running late, of course, so I decided to put my watch and tennis bracelet on in the car. I put them on top while I buckled the girls in their seats, got in the car and off we went. I didn't think about them again until we were at the doctor. We found the watch in a kabillion pieced at the end of our street. We never found one single piece of the bracelet. I still think someone walked by and found it!

  3. LOL Thats soooo funny about the diaper!!!! sorry the trip was so miserable for everyone :( it was nice seeing you guys for a few minutes tho!

  4. I'm picturing this scenario...freakin' hilarious!


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