May 25, 2009


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Happy Memorial Day!

We're not up to much today.  Had thought we'd go catch a parade but instead, I slept in. Yup, that's right, I got up with Bryan, handed him over to his father and then...went BACK TO BED.  And not only did I get back into bed, I actually fell asleep.  Shortly after ten I heard both baby and dad getting upset and got out of bed.

So today's been pretty uneventful.  Lawn mowing (not me), shopping (yes, me) putting together the Topsy Turvey and relaxin.

But yesterday we did go hang out with some family, Memorial Day weekend style.  You know, playing, grilling and bon firing!  Only down side, the way the day ended.  On the way there, it was an hour and a half drive, Johnny complained that he was getting car sick.  But on the way home he said it again and MEANT it.  I quickly gave him a plastic bag as he made this announcement while we were in the middle of a construction zone.  After one particularly gross gag I decided I should get the Nintendo DS he'd been playing.  To my surprise he had thrown up and missed the bag so I got a handful of...chucky warmness.  Luckily by this point a gas station was in site.  So we stopped and cleaned up.  Ah, what's a holiday in our family without some excitement!  
The thing I can't figure out is how did we make two 200 mile trips this year without incident and THIS trip makes him sick?!?



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