May 23, 2009

oh the wonder...

There are somethings I'll simply never figure out.
Like why are the male birds the pretty ones?
Or why things that you're afraid of always seem drawn to you?
How my children manage to get so dirty in a day?

Or how it is that when I pack stuff everything seems to take three times as much space as I think it will, but when I clean out a space it has 10 times as much stuff in it as I thought?

Today I clean outed (ok I've ALMOST cleaned out) what was the office and will soon be Bryan's room. I took out:
  • a baby swing (not working)
  • 2 baby bathtubs
  • a toddler rocking chair thing
  • 3 bags & 1 box of baby clothes (0-3months to 24months)
  • 1 bag of baby blankets
  • 4 garbage bags of stuff I decided wasn't worth keeping
  • a broken lamp
  • about 18 coats/sweatshirts/etc
  • 2 laundry baskets full of dirty (or questionable) clothes/towels/etc
And then organized but left in:
  • 3 boxes & 1 tote of the big boys clothes they've grown out of
  • 1 box of random pc parts for hubby to go through and hopefully throw away at some time...hopefully still this year
  • 1 tote of photo props
  • 1 metal 'bathtub' photo prop
  • 1 basket photo prop
Ah....feel slightly better. Still need to:
  • find the space bags I bought to store previously mentioned hand-me-downs (we'll see how much space they really save, it'd be great if they work)
  • clean out an area in the basement for my photo stuff and get it out of there
  • get the small desk and pc out of there
  • get a large cabinet for....the dining room maybe, for all the boys games that are very precariously in the closet
I really wish I was an organized person, but as you may have concluded from my last two weekend posts...I am not. Well I am. I think very organized. I just get and keep to much stuff for the room I have. I suppose if I had more room I'd just get more stuff but I really have been getting better...I think. We just really have a small space, a lot of people and a lot of.....a hobbies?? Oh well, I'll just keep plugging away and maybe my summer things will be more under control.



  1. At least you are getting it done. And those space saving bags do hold a lot.. my only complaint about them is the ziplock thing broke pretty easily... I still have several though that I use.

  2. Just keep going... maybe you will motivate me to get off my arse!

  3. I keep telling myself I have to start somewhere!

  4. Sounds like your office was more of a warehouse! I have used Space Bags. They really do work!


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