May 29, 2009

Just one more...

Ok I know I said the Birthday in the Box giveaway would end tonight but this such an awesome giveaway I'm extending it until Sunday 5-31.
I'd really like to see at least 50 entries so I'm offering an extra bonus for this giveaway. For each person you refer that enters, I'll give you one extra entry. Yes I know it's hard to share about a good giveaway because you figure it lessens your chances but I can tell you that TWO of my previous winners were those who spread the word. I think it's all about good Karma, really.
So go forth and spread the word...and get more entries for yourself.
And in case anyone's feeling REALLY abitious, if you can help me get over 100 entries...EVERYONE gets one extra entry just because I'll be so friggin excited!!

Just remember to go to THIS post to leave your entries!!


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  1. Ugh I tried to enter last night & it wouldn't let me! I have 2 bdays in june 1 in july & my 4yr olds bday is sunday! how cool to win a bday box on his bday lol going to try to enter again!


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