May 29, 2009

Get ready....

Get Wiggle!

It's Wiggle Time!

If you have a little one who likes to play on the computer, WiggleTime is perfect!
My kids have just recently started using the computer so they are still struggling with the key board and mouse control which makes the games on many sites too hard and very frustrating for them. But WiggleTime was great. I was able to get them in and started and pretty much let them go. (Please note we never leave our kids unsupervised, just because this site is safe, its just too easy to unintentionally end up someone that isn't safe.)
You do have to sign up but you can sign up for a free account or the paid subscription. We tried both and while I think the free account is great for starting out, I'd suggest going with the paid subscription if your kids will play a lot.

Here's the difference between the two:

Registration (FREE) Subscription
Games Limited access Full game play
Videos 2 video clips/month 10 video clips/ month
Concert Alerts YES YES
Monthly e-Newsletter YES YES
Promotions YES YES
Discounts NO YES
Child Reports NO YES
Pre Sale Concert Tickets NO YES
Parent's Message Board YES YES


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