May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday, 5-11-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week!

It must be Monday...again! But at least Not Me Monday's give me something fun to look forward to. Hope you enjoy my brutal honesty as much as I enjoy sharing and then reading others!

As always it's really tough to come up with any confessions of imperfection, because as you know I am like Martha Stewart, Dr Phil and Barney rolled into one perfect house cleaning, cooking,self esteem building purple dinosaur! But what the heck, I'll give it a try and see what I can come up with.

Well I know for sure that I did NOT miss a single dose of my little man's Rx this weekend. This is of course because I don't even have a script for him. You know because I'm all crunchy and natural I would never take a Rx for an ear infection. I of course, always chose all natural homeopathic treatments. And I am in no way raising a bunch of pill popping nuts, right down to my toddler who actually gets excited when he sees a med filled syringe. Nope not at all. Buuuut, If by chance an antibiotic did slip through the cracks, I would always remember every dose perfectly on time as to not create a antibiotic resistent superbug in our house. I'm so regimented and organized we never forget anything.

I did NOT forget to have the silhouette's I had made printed to give on Mother's Day. I have of course had them printed framed and wrapped for weeks. I did NOT order them online to be picked up at 9am ON Mother's Day and stick them in the frames, also purchased at Walgreen's in the car and "wrap" them in tissue and a gift bag!

I did NOT find my mom the most perfect card for Mother's Day that said everything I've really been wanting to say.  It wasn't absolutely adorable.  And it was NOT purchased ON Mother's Day.  If I did, I would not have been 100% a God thing as it was the first card I grabbed and simply amazing to even find a half way decent card in the store ON Mother's Day.  I also did not attempt to read said card to my hubby and only make it through the first line before telling him he'd have to read it himself!

I did NOT let my boys ride on a 4wheeler through the tick infested woods of northern WI and fondly recall my first ride on myself around the same property some 20 years ago.  I did NOT worry about how they would handle a hike through some trails and "to the corner" and vision how some eager relatives  might get them home once they decided they were too tired to walk back.  I was not pleasantly surprised to see them come back with a teeny bit of spring still in their step but rather thirsty.  And at not point during this trip did I consider how nice it might be to live in that area before snapping back to reality and recalling what 4 hours difference in distance means to the length and severity of winter!

I definitely did NOT let my toddler live on cookies and candy for 2 days while we traveled because that's simply all he would take. I always make sure my kids eat a well balanced diet and never give into their whims simply to have some quiet. And my 15 month old little tank certainly isn't such a sugar fiend that this strategy actually worked!

I also did NOT temporarily lift the video game ban for our trip, allowing my video game junkies to play pretty much the entire 400+ miles we traveled. It also did not work like a charm. Almost, #2 son did NOT whine because he can not read and most of the games involve at least some reading.  This simply couldn't be, because of course my literary genius has my children reading by age 3 (lol) AND I have my children broken of the whining well before this age!

And in honor of...myself...I did NOT have my very own little temper tantrum when the boys wanted to argue with me about sitting and watching a movie that I wanted to watch.  I did NOT take my DVD and take it to my room to watch in bed.  Of course, all three boys did NOT ever end up in the bed with me, but if they did they of course sat quietly and watched!

This was NOT after we had "linner" (lunch/dinner) at 2:30 at a restaurant chosen only because it was the first place we found (non-fast food) with an available parking spot.  I did NOT devour my chicken dumpling soup, french dip and fries and then order desert.  And I did NOT get even a little huffy when an unnamed individual who said he didn't want any dessert ended up eating half of said dessert, leaving the rest of us very little to share.  I always share well and I NEVER get huffy. 



  1. I would have given in too and let the toddler eat sugar if it pleased and quieted him too. Great NMM!

  2. Candy and video games is the only way to travel and keep your sanity! :P BTW, your boys are adorable.

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  4. I think th is might be my favorite quote of all times:

    As always it's really tough to come up with any confessions of imperfection, because as you know I am like Martha Stewart, Dr Phil and Barney rolled into one perfect house cleaning, cooking,self esteem building purple dinosaur!

    Next week when we are traveling across country there will be lots of video game playing, portable DVD player watching and candy/sugar filled meals.

    Great NMM!

  5. I know what you feel like having to bribe the kids to stay quiet while traveling. Last month we took the 5-hour drive to my aunt's house, and after trying to keep my 3 year old entertained and behaving for a couple hours, I finally gave up and gave him a giant lollipop. Worked like a charm! My Not Me! Monday


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