May 20, 2009

Obama book review

If you have school age children, it's pretty likely that they were at least aware of this past Presidential election.  If yours, like mine, were actually very interested in it, I have a great book for you.  My 6 year old was very excited when Obama won the election and I'd say he was almost as excited when this book arrived.  He wanted to read the whole thing.  But there's awful lot packed in there for one sitting for a 6 year old.  While he hasn't made it all the way through, mostly because he took it to school to share with his class and it hasn't come back yet, I did sit and read the whole thing.  It's a very cool look into the personal side of President Obama's life and family.  I had read bits and pieces during the election online, some true some not, so it was cool to actually get the whole story.
How the story will end is yet to be determined but its a very cool read to get you up to speed.  It walks that thin line of not being over kids heads but also not talking down to them.  Covers a little of everything and I think it's a great way to start getting your kids into current events if they aren't already.
Obama: The Historic Journey: Young Reader's Edition is available at here.  And from our house of book lovers, gets two big thumbs up!



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