May 19, 2009


I was supposed to write a review of a great book tonight but I can't think straight so I don't feel I'd do it justice so it will have to wait.  I have my third child in 3 weeks screaming because his ear hurts and he's the worst about it.  He's literally screaming, glass breaking pitch screaming and its 10pm.  I need a vacation.
So for tonight, enjoy some pics.

Timmy trying to figure this thing out without training wheels.  I think this bike is a bit too big for him though.

Yeah i know I'm wearing but I just love his little (or not so little) jeans!!

My little butt-head
Ok just check out this boys ankles...

Johnny being a goof

Drivin in style


  1. love the pix of cute lil (big) bryan! lol his ankles are adorable!!!

    how's he doing with the bike riding?? and how did you teach him--just push him kinda fast on the grass and tell him to pedal? im trying to teach the girls and last summer i tried the grass thing and it didnt work-they were terrified! but last week i tried it on the cement and they did pretty darn good! so let me know what worked for u :)

    xoxo megan

  2. Ahh, those ankles! Love them!

  3. These are great pictures. Your kids are so cute!

  4. Such. Awesome. Pictures. I especially like the series in the little car. Priceless.

  5. i love little boys in little tiny jeans! i always love putting the tiny little ones in them, so much cuter to me than the paired up outfits from carter's or something like that. give me a pair of little jeans and a baby polo shirt any day! love ur blog, following now!


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