May 31, 2009

Rowdy Rebels Relish Racing

Ok, I don't know how rebellious they were, or rowdy for that matter. But my hubby took Timmy to a Indy race up in Milwaukee today. Despite many threats that his behavior would leave him stuck at home, Dad, who just really wanted to go, woke him very early this morning. To my surprise and delight they managed to quietly escape the house without waking anyone else and were off for some male bonding time with one of hubby's brothers.

They forgot the camera but thankfully remembered the sunscreen. Specifically they took the KIDS SPF 30 Alcohol free Sunscreen Spray from KINeSYS we just got. In case you've never been to a race, it means being outside literally all day soaking in the sun (and exhaust fumes). The first race I went to was while I was pregnant with Timmy. We had tickets for 2 days of races but that day we forgot the sunscreen and I got soooo burnt that I was unable to go the second day. But thanks to KINeSYS, Timmy isn't burned at all. Not even that goofy white stripe he has at the tippy top of his forehead produced from yesterday's haircut.

I like the smell of both this and the Girl line. But my absolute favorite part of KINeSYS is their obvious concern for the users of their product. They feature 'how to use' videos on their site (and really will strongly encourage you to view them) .
I don't know about you but as much as sunscreen seems like a given as to how to use, when it comes to a lot of these new products, I legitimately have questions. But no more, I now know FOR SURE what I'm doing and can be confident that I'm doing my best to protect me kids.

They had a great time and Timmy's already making plans to go back next year.


  1. HEY! wow i've never heard of that kind of sunscreen you buy it in the store or online?? also, just incase you were wondering for bryan this summer, they now make (aveeno brand i believe) spf 70!!!! ultimate protection lol :) just thought i'd let u know...

    also that's so funny they were at the races yesterday because my dad and his friend were too!!!! what a coincidence!

    xoxo megan


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