May 31, 2009

Not Me Monday, 6-1-09

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

This week's edition will NOT include photos, because of course I couldn't have photos of things that I did NOT do. And besides I was entirely too busy being super productive and Martha Stewartesq to have time to take any photos.

I have NOT let my toddler enjoy a pacifier despite never having taken one as an infant. Who would do that!?!

I did NOT purchase and plant a tomato plant in a Topsy Turvey as my only attempt at gardening. If I had, though, I would have properly used everything so that it didn't look like it might fall over at any given moment.

I did NOT take this curly headed cutie in for a hair cut.IMG_7724
It did NOT make him look so much older in a matter of minutes. I was NOT suprised by this even though it was he second hair cut.

I did NOT then give him a faux hawk for church on Sunday. And it was NOT a huge hit!!! (My son does NOT think the church is actually a meeting of his own personal fan club where everyone simply comes to Ooo and Aaa over him!)
And his loving uncle did NOT say that he looked like this guy now.

I do NOT let my big guys share a bed (on nights the biggest one doesn't have school). They are entirely too big for that, no matter how sweet it may be.

I did not clean out a room for my little guy to finally start sleeping solo.
Only to have him quickly reject this idea and get his way back where he's been for 16 months now.
No my little man does NOT have me wrapped around his pudgy little finger.

I did NOT look away from this

to photograph this
only to have my little biker tip over, scratching his head and scream like mad!!

Once he was calmed down I did not spend anytime laughing my butt off at this.

And I am NOT going to just include two more photos just to even the tally up a little. (Because kids really do NOT keep count of stuff like how many photos of them appear versus that of their siblings in places like blogs or facebook accounts.)




  1. Isn't it amazing how something as simple as a haircut can make them look instantly older! It's enough to make you want to cry.

    He's a cutie though! As are all your boys!

  2. Oh my goodness, you have completely inspired me to try for our own fauxhawk.

    These pictures are incredible, by the way. It's just like being on MckMama's site all over again, except with different wonderful kids.

    You people are making me feel inferior :P (bookmarked you so I can come back and ogle some more)

  3. WOW what a cutie, love the blue eyes. My oldest boy whats to sleep with his little brother in his bed, but I am afraid they would never go to sleep. At what age did your first do that?

    See you around McMama's.


  4. I'm over from McKMama. What cute boys you have! I enjoyed your pictures and stories.

    I love your disjointed Topsy Turvy tomato plant. It looks like mine would (if I had one).

  5. I love your blog! Your little men are so handsome!

    I'm also partial to posts with pictures! :)

  6. What handsome boys you have! Amazing isn't how a haircut can turn a baby into a toddler (or, you know, not because, of course, it wasn't done!)

  7. Lovin' that faux hawk. I give my baby boy one every time he takes a bath!

  8. Your photos are gorgeous!

    I love the faux hawk. Each one I see makes me want to try it on my son.

  9. Woohoo! A kindred spirit!!! How much am I loving the kid who sees church as a meeting of his personal fan club???Man, I love little boys! Thanks for stopping by this week. I'll definitely be checking back in with you and your boys.

  10. Golly, those are some cute fellas!! Excellent photography, too. I hope you have better luck with the Topsy Turvey than we did (not to be a Debbie Downer)...

    Thank you again for voting!! You rock!

  11. Your boys are so handsome, love the little one's faux hawk!! Your Not Me' were great and thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. Have a great week :D

  12. ShamWOW.

    Your boys are so adorable.. I always thought we'd have 3 little boys..

    Kayleigh never used a paci as a baby either.. she took it up, on rare occasions, after Seth went to Heaven.. it was as if she knew we needed a baby...

    Isn't it scary/sad/amazing/pick your adjective how quickly they "grow up" with a simple Hair CUT? What' s up with that!

  13. Your boys are adorable!!!
    Hope you have a great week!

  14. I love the hawk! Too cute seriously! And thanks for all the adorable pics to go along with the story!

  15. It is amazing how the baby boy haircuts do suddenly transform them into little boy, non-baby looking people! It is almost too much for a mom to bear!

  16. GREAT GREAT GREAT pictures. And, no, he does not look like the freakin' sham-wow guy. Puh!

  17. I love Not Me Monday! I think I'm going to have to tuck that phrase into my subconscious. . .

  18. Wow. That's a 3 ring hula hoop performer.
    For some reason (which could indeed be my waistline) I've wanted to take up hulahooping again.
    Boy was I shocked when I went to purchase one. Living in the dark ages, I assumed I'd pay top dollar , 3 or 4. Geez. They are 8 dollars now!
    For a simple hula hoop. I bought cupcakes instead.
    Thank you for letting me vent over inflation :)

  19. Those pictures are hilarious! Your boys are so incredibly gorgeous and adorable!!!

  20. What a ridiculously cute Not Me! Monday! Your little boys are adorable- I love the faux hawk!


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