May 28, 2009

Vote early, Vote often

OOops sorry that's my Illinois upbringing shining through.  You know, IL, where elections are bought not won!
Unfortunately for you, I don't have the dinero to buy your votes...instead I'll just whine, plead and beg.  Ok and maybe I'll throw in a special giveaway if he wins...that's not a bribe is it?? That's ok, I'm ok with that! :)

SO here's the deal, I'm not going to lie this site does not always make it easy to vote.  Hopefully this link will actually take you right to where you can find my sweet faced little man and vote relatively painlessly.  But if not, I will do my best to try and update to make it easy.  And remember you CAN vote once each day.  And yes they will ask for your email and YES they will send you stuff but I promise it's really easy to unsubscribe (I did it last year) to their mailing list as soon as the contest is over.
Thank you in advance for any of your votes!!

Hopefully you can go HERE and vote!!

This is the photo you're looking for.

PS.  twitter has gone haywire on me and doesn't recognize me if you twitter and would like to tweet about this, that'd be super amazing and kind of you!!!


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