May 29, 2009

This, That and Nothing

I'm seriously saying TGIF today. I'm totally exhausted and would love to take a really long nap, maybe outside so I could still sort of enjoy the nice weather that had finally returned after a long dreary week.

It's just one of those days. You know the kind that starts with finding out that the load of clothes in the dryer aren't exactly dry because the dryer wasn't started. Or where you get in the car threatening to make your child walk to school because he refuses to actually look for his shoes that instead of being place on the shelf where they belong got pushed under a heap of toys under the bed in a pathetic attempt to "clean" a spot in their room so someone could come in.
Once he got it together and I dropped him off I headed to Johnny's IEP meeting. That was quick and painless, as I expected. His Speech Therapist has been amazing and I'm now feeling very guilty that it hadn't occurred to me that today was his last day of speech with him. Both he and Bryan will be missed over there next year!

Tonight is another flag football practice. Should at least be nice for it! But still need to squeeze in a trip to the bank, the store and make or get dinner. Somedays I really wish I could copy myself like in that old movie Multiplicity. I figure with my bad days, no one would really even notice if I sent the drooling incompitent copy of myself to handle stuff.

In case YOU didn't have enough to do today, here's something...if you have a second to drop another vote for my huggable guy, Bryan HERE! THANKS!


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  1. Haha, I am in total agreement about that clone idea.

    Just don't make a copy from a copy then you might end up with #4 the "drooling incompetant copy. =)


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